Product overview

Last Updated: Aug 03, 2017

DirectMail is a simple and efficient email sending service. It is structured on the reliable and stable Alibaba Cloud to help you send transaction emails, notification emails, and batch emails quickly and accurately.

Supported mail types

Trigger mails: Mails triggered by events, such as registration notifications, transaction notifications, password retrieval notifications, and other system notification mails.

Batch mails: The mails sent to members, such as product promotions, customer care mails, and periodical news.

Note: Alibaba Cloud only allows sending commercial mails permitted by recipients. The source of recipient addresses is member registration information, and the mail content is subscribed to by recipients explicitly. Alibaba Cloud does not allow sending spam emails.

Service modes

DirectMail provides three access methods: the console, API and SMTP. You can choose the desired access mode based on different business scenarios.

Use the console:

  • You can log on to the Alibaba Cloud console > Products > Application Services > DirectMail to activate DirectMail service.
  • You can complete all the necessary settings, create recipient lists and mail templates.
  • you can send only batch mails using the console.
  • For the details, refer to User Guide.

Use the API:

  • Write a program to call the API of DirectMail to transmit mail data.
  • After the request succeeds, DirectMail will be responsible for mail data processing and delivery.
  • You can send trigger mails and batch mails using the API.
  • For how to call the API, refer to API Reference, SDK Reference.

Use SMTP interface:

  • Write a program to call the standard SMTP interface to transmit mail data.
  • You can send trigger mails and batch mails using the SMTP interface.
  • For how to call the SMTP interface, refer to SMTP Reference.
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