The SearchTemplate API searches for custom templates in the specified state.

Request parameters

Parameters Type Required or not Description
Action String Yes API of the action, system required parameter. Value: SearchTemplate
PageNumber Long No Current page number,
  • which starts from 1.
  • Default value: 1.
PageSize Long No When querying by page, this parameter indicates the size of each page.
  • Maximum value is 100.
  • Default value: 10.
State String No Transcoding template status.
  • All indicates all states,
  • Normal indicates normal templates,
  • and Deleted indicates deleted templates.

Default value: All.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Description
TemplateList AliyunTemplate[ ] Template list


Request example<Public parameter>

Response example

    <TemplateList list="true">
                <Codec>H. 264</Codec>
        </Template >
     "TemplateList": {
            "Template": [{
                "Id": "88c6ca184c0e47098a5b665e2a126799",
                "Name": "MTS-example",
                "Container": {
                    "Format": "mp4"
                "Video": {
                    "Codec": "H. 264",
                    "Profile": "high",
                    "Bitrate": "500",
                    "Crf": "Auto",
                    "Width": "256",
                    "Height": "800",
                    "Fps": "25",
                    "Gop": "10",
                    "Preset": "lower",
                    "ScanMode": "",
                    "Bufsize": "6000",
                    "Maxrate": "500",
                "Audio": {
                    "Codec": "aac",
                    " Samplerate": "44100",
                    "Bitrate": "Auto",
                    "Channels": "Auto"
                "State": "Normal"