When you submit a file to the preset template analysis job interface, the MPS will intelligently analyze the input file to recommend a preset template suitable for the input file; the template analysis job result may be obtained using the QueryTemplateAnalysisJob interface, or the asynchronous notification mechanism.

Note The result of the preset template analysis is only retained for half a month and will be deleted after this two-week period. If the job is submitted again using the recommended template preset more than half a month later, the transcoding job will fail. The failed error code is: AnalysisResultNotFound.

Request parameters

Parameter Type Required or not Description
Action String Yes Operation interface name, system-defined parameter, value: SubmitAnalysisJob
Input String Yes Input, Json Object: {"Bucket":"example-bucket","Location":"oss-cn-hangzhou","Object":"example.flv"}. You need to grant this Bucket read permission to the MPS on the Bucket Authorization page in the console’s Resource Control Channel.
Priority String No The task’s transcoding priority within its corresponding pipe,
  • in the range of [1-10].
  • 10 is the highest priority.
  • Default value: 6
UserData String No User-defined data.

Maximum length is 1,024 bytes

PipelineId String Yes The pipe ID.

If asynchronous notification is required, ensure that this pipe is bound to the available message subject


Response parameters

Parameter Type Description
AnalysisJob AliyunAnalysisJob System Preset Template Analysis Job


Request example
http://mts.cn-hangzhou.aliyuncs.com/?Action=SubmitAnalysisJob&Input=%7B%22Bucket%22%3A%22example-bucket%22%2C%22Location%22%3A%22oss-cn-hangzhou%22%2C%0A%22Object%22%3A%22example.flv%22%7D%7D<Public parameters>

Response example

            <TemplateList list="true">
                </Template >
            <Code> </Code>
            <Message> </Message>
     "RequestId": "25818875-5F78-4A13-BEF6-D7393642CA58",
     "AnalysisJob": {
         "Id": "88c6ca184c0e47098a5b665e2a126797",
         "InputFile": {
                 "Bucket": "example-bucket",
                 "Location": "oss-cn-hangzhou",
                 "Object": "example.flv"
         "AnalysisConfig": {
                "QualityControl": {
                    "RateQuality": 25,
                    "MethodStreaming": "network"
         "State": "Success",
         "Code": "",
         "Message": "",
         "Percent": 100,
         "PipelineId": "88c6ca184c0e47098a5b665e2a126797",
         "TemplateList": {
            "Template": [{
                "Id": "S00000000-000020",
                "Name": "FLV-UD",
                "Container": {
                    "Format": "flv"
                "Video": {
                    "Codec": "Auto",
                    "Profile": "Auto",
                    "Bitrate": "Auto",
                    "Crf": "Auto",
                    "Width": "Auto",
                    "Height": "Auto",
                    "Fps": "Auto",
                    "Gop": "Auto"
                "Audio": {
                    "Codec": "AAC",
                    "Samplerate": "44100",
                    "Bitrate": "Auto",
                    "Channels": "Auto"
                "State": "Normal"