The benefits of MPS in video transcoding and intelligent auditing are as follows.

Video transcoding

Benefits Alibaba Cloud Media Processing Self-built transcoding
High cost-effectiveness
  • No need for upfront investment, payment only necessary for what you actually use.
  • Narrowband HDTM and H. 265 technology, smaller file sizes and less traffic for equivalent quality videos.
Requires a large reserve of transcoding resources, high maintenance costs.
Powerful transcoding capabilities High-speed and stable parallel transcoding system, dynamically adjust transcoding resources as needed, automatic scaling, seamlessly scales out cluster resources to respond to high-concurrency transcoding needs. Difficult to support large-scale, highly concurrent transcoding tasks.
Specialized transcoding algorithms Powerful computing resources, advanced video processing algorithms, unique image quality restoration technology, reconstructs normal or corrupted video content to create ultra HD or digitally restored versions. Video quality relies on the open-source transcoding service.
Rich functions, highly customizable
  • Provides video transcoding, screenshots, watermarks, video cutting, splicing, and many other media processing functions to meet the needs of various scenarios.
  • Highly scalable media transcoding templates and support for custom transcoding parameters to meet diverse transcoding needs.
Requires self-built access to open-source transcoding services and the construction of a transcoding service from the ground up.
Easy-to-use media workflows Custom media workflows, automatically triggers media workflow transcoding upon upload completion, a messaging function provides real-time status updates, a normal video processing flow can be constructed in one minute. Requires self-developed transcoding interfaces and notification functions.

Intelligent auditing

Benefits Alibaba Cloud Media Processing
Dramatically lower operating costs The average review rate was less than 10%, and more than 90% of manual audit personnel was freed.
Comprehensive risk coverage Auditing the voice, text and images of media cover, title, comment, and video.
Industry-leading high recall rate Based on Alibaba Cloud's massive feature data, and real-time update of violation characteristics, MPS provided the industry-leading recall rate.