You can use Resource Orchestration Service (ROS) to model and configure your Alibaba Cloud resources. ROS boasts improved deployment efficiency, convenient architecture optimization, cost-effectiveness, and compliance control.

Improved deployment efficiency

You can use ROS to provision your entire cloud environment by means of templates. ROS templates make it easy to deploy cloud resources in new zones as your business grows. ROS templates can also be used to deploy the development, testing, and production environments with improved deployment efficiency and reduced chances of human errors.

Convenient architecture optimization

Alibaba Cloud has developed an exclusive cloud migration guide for enterprises based on previous cloud migration experience from current customers. The best practices are found in the form of templates at the ROS Solution Center. You can deploy these templates based on your specific requirements to optimize your cloud architecture.


By using ROS to define templates for your cloud environment, you can implement large-scale automated deployment when required, and delete stacks in batches when they are no longer needed. This way, you can make full use of the pay-as-you-go billing model and elastic resource provisioning approach on the cloud to reduce your costs.

Compliance control

ROS is a template-based Infrastructure as Code (IaC) service. Before you create or update templates, you can review code and integrate these processes into your CI/CD pipeline. This ensures that all cloud resources deployed from your approved templates comply with the management specifications of your organization.