ActionTrail is an Alibaba Cloud service that records the operations on your Alibaba Cloud resources. It can be used in scenarios such as security analysis, resource change tracking, and compliance audit.


  • Quick recording: ActionTrail records the operations that you perform when using Alibaba Cloud services. The operations include those performed in Alibaba Cloud consoles, those for calling Alibaba Cloud APIs, and those triggered by Alibaba Cloud services through Resource Access Management (RAM) roles. The operation records are saved to ActionTrail within 10 minutes.
  • Detailed records: ActionTrail records your operations in detail. You can use the ActionTrail console or call the ActionTrail API to view your operation records in the last 30 days.
  • Integration and analysis: ActionTrail can deliver your operation records to Object Storage Service (OSS) or Log Service so that you can manage the operation records in these services.


  • Out-of-the-box service: ActionTrail can collect your operation records in the last 30 days without any configuration.
  • Self-service management: You can create a trail to enable ActionTrail to deliver your operation records to Log Service or an OSS bucket. The operation records are stored as logs in Log Service and as files in an OSS bucket. You can use the retrieval and analysis features of Log Service to manage your operation records, or further transfer the operation records to big data products for management. For example, you can authorize other services to access your operation records, enable lifecycle management for your operation records, archive, retrieve, and analyze your operation records, and configure alert rules.
  • Multi-dimensional event query: ActionTrail allows you to query events from multiple dimensions, such as the operation period, username, resource type, resource name, and operation name.


You can activate and use ActionTrail free of charge. However, you will be charged for using Log Service and OSS during your use of ActionTrail.