ActionTrail records the operations on your Alibaba Cloud resources. You can use these records to analyze your account security, track changes made to your resources, and achieve compliance.

ActionTrail records operations taken in the Alibaba Cloud console, SDKs, and APIs (including API calls triggered through the console). You can also leverage all the features of OSS to manage the records, such as access control, lifecycle management, and archiving.

It then transfers these records to the specified OSS buckets in 10 minutes after an activity occurs, and stores the records in a standard format as logs. You can access the last 30 days of records through OSS, the ActionTrail console, and APIs.


Event logging

You can create a trail for your account by using the console or API. The trail sends logs of events to the OSS bucket you specify. You can view the logs in the OSS bucket or through the ActionTrail console.

Log management

You can use data encryption and permission control provided by OSS to ensure data security of your logs.

Multi-dimensional event query

You can query operations by multiple dimensions such as operation time, username, resource type, resource name, and operation name. ActionTrail helps you to identify problems and track security incidents quickly.


You are only charged for using OSS. ActionTrail is free.