After years of profound research in server monitoring, CloudMonitor now integrates powerful data analysis capabilities. CloudMonitor offers services like cloud service monitoring, site monitoring and custom monitoring (to safeguard your products and business).

Seamless integration

You can access the CloudMonitor service after you sign up for an Alibaba Cloud account. When you buy or use Alibaba cloud products, you can view their operation status and set alarms.

Data visualization

CloudMonitor offers a rich array of diagrams and presentation formats through Dashboard. It supports full-screen presentation and automatic data refresh. This activity satisfies the metric data visualization in various cases.

Metric data processing

CloudMonitor helps to process metric data through Dashboard. It is generally based on a combination of temporal and spatial dimensions.

Flexible alarms

CloudMonitor offers Alarm Rules service.  By using this service, you can receive an alarm immediately when any exception occurs. You can set reasonable alarm rules and notification methods for metrics. This helps to identify and fix the service exceptions without any delay. Moreover, it increases the availability of your products.