After SSL certificate is paid, you are required to submit an application and pass review before you can apply the certificate to cloud product. You may visit SSL certificate console to purchase and apply for SSL certificate.

Background information

To purchase digital certificates with Alibaba Cloud Certificates Service, follow these steps:


  1. Log on to Alibaba Cloud Certificates Service purchase page.
  2. Select the Region, Category, Brand, Type of Domain, and the number of Domains to be added.

    For certificate brands and categories, please refer to SSL certificate configuration table
  3. Select the Quantity of the certificates.
  4. Select the Duration, that is, the validity of the certificate.
  5. Click Buy Now and complete the payment.
  6. In the Alibaba Cloud Certificates Service console, complete the certificate order information.
    • Enter the information of the domains to add.
      Note The number and type of domains must be the same as those on the purchased certificate order.
    • Enter your application information.
    • Upload the certificate request file (CSR file).
  7. Download the review file template.
  8. Prepare the required review materials. and please refer to Apply for and validate certificates
  9. Upload electronic copies of the review materials and submit the application.