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Last Updated: Jan 15, 2018

Alibaba Cloud Security Web Application Firewall serves all the Alibaba Cloud and non-Alibaba Cloud users. This service applies to the Web application security protection of various websites, such as finance, e-commerce, O2O, Internet+, games, government, insurance, and so on.

You can use Web Application Firewall to solve the following problems:

  • To prevent data leaks and avoid intrusions from the malicious injections that may lead to core database leaks from the website.

  • To prevent malicious HTTP flood attacks. Alibaba Cloud Security WAF can block a large-volume malicious requests to safeguard website availability.

  • To prevent Trojans from being uploaded to webpages with the intention of tampering with the content and maintain the credibility of the website.

  • To provide virtual patches to address the latest known website vulnerabilities, and provide quick fixes wherever required.

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