Alibaba Cloud WAF is a web application firewall that monitors, filters, and blocks HTTP traffic to and from web applications. Based on the big data capacity of Alibaba Cloud Security, Alibaba Cloud WAF helps you to defend against common web attacks such as SQL injections, Cross-site scripting (XSS), web shell, Trojan, and unauthorized access, and to filter out massive HTTP flood requests. It protects your web resources from being exposed and guarantees your website security and availability.

Alibaba Cloud WAF is easy to deploy. You can enable WAF protection for your website by subscribing to Alibaba Cloud WAF, configuring the website on the WAF console, and updating the website's DNS records using the WAF Cname address . When WAF is deployed on your website, all network traffic to the website is inspected by WAF. WAF identifies and filters out malicious traffic, and only returns valid traffic to the origin server.

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