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Configure Alibaba Cloud DNS

Last Updated: Feb 12, 2018

To use the Content Delivery Network (CDN) service, configure a CNAME record by pointing the domain name that you want to accelerate (alias CDN domain) to a CNAME address that works as an edge node. Therefore, the system will forward the request for accessing the specified domain name to the edge node to accelerate the request. The following procedure takes accelerating your domain name with Alibaba Cloud DNS for example:

1. Obtain the CNAME address of the CDN domain

Copy the CNAME address of the CDN domain from the domain name list in Domain Names in the CDN console:


2. Add the CNAME record

In the Alibaba Cloud DNS console,navigate to the DNS Settings page of the domain name, and click Add Record to add the CNAME record:
(If your domain name is resolved by another DNS service provider, for example, Route53, Dyn, Cloudflare and Godaddy, go to the console provided by your service provider.)


  • Set Type to CNAME
  • Host to the prefix of the CDN domain (for example, if your accelerated domain name is testcdn.aliyun.com, the prefix is testcdn)
  • Value to the CNAME record copied in step 1
  • ISP Line and TTL as default:


Click Confirm to start the CNAME DNS service and then activate the CDN service.

Verify that the CDN service is activated

After you configure the CNAME record, the CNAME record may take a variable period of time to take effect, depending on your DNS provider. You can use a ping or dig command to access your CDN domain. If the request is redirected to *.*kunlun*.com, both the CNAME configuration and the CDN service are effective.

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