When HTTPS Secure Acceleration is enabled for a CDN domain, it supports custom settings to perform force redirects on users' original request methods.

For example, when force HTTPS redirect is enabled and a user initiates an HTTP request, the server returns a 302 redirect response and the original HTTP request is forcibly redirected to an HTTPS request, as shown in the following figure.

Force Redirect is disabled by default. When you enable the feature, both HTTP and HTTPS requests are enabled simultaneously by default.

Options: Default, Force HTTPS redirect, and Force HTTP Redirect.

  • Force HTTPS redirect: User requests are forcibly redirected to HTTPS requests.
  • Force HTTP redirect: User requests are forcibly redirected to HTTP requests.


  1. Go to Domain Namespage, select the domain name, then click Manage.
  2. Enable the function in HTTPS Configuration > Forcible redirect .