This document describes how to quickly get started with the CDN service. The procedure is as follows:

Step 1. Enable the CDN service

  1. Go to the Alibaba Cloud website, and quickly learn about the product in the CDN Product Details Page. Then click  Buy Now.
  2. On the order page, select an appropriate billing method. Once you confirm the order, the CDN service is enabled.  And you can access the domain name you want to accelerate.

Step 2. Add a CDN domain name

  1. Add a domain name.

    Go to the CDN console, select Domain Names. You can view all the CDN domain names and status that you have added. Click Add Domain Name

  2. Enter the basic information.
    Enter the CDN domain name (typically a subdomain name or a wildcard domain name is used, for example, and select an appropriate business type and origin site. Click Next to wait for the reviewing.
    Note Using Alibaba Cloud ECS or OSS as your origin site will accelerate your domain name verification.

    CDN domain name Description:

    • Wildcard domain acceleration is supported. Chinese domain acceleration is not supported. Note this rule when you enter wildcard domains: * For more information, see Wildcard Domain Acceleration Rules
    • A CDN domain cannot added multiple times. If you encounter a Domain already added issue, submit a ticket to us for help.
    • Up to 50 CDN domains can be added under one account.
    • The domain content must comply with CDN specifications. For more information, see CDN Service Use Restrictions.

    Business type description:

    The Alibaba Cloud CDN scheduling system performs specific scheduling optimization based on the different types of business selected by the user:

    Business type Note
    Images and small files If the content to be accelerated is mostly images and web files (For example, small files, images and web-styled file), we recommend that you select the "images and small files" business type.
    Large file downloads If the content to be accelerated is large files (static files larger than 20 MB), for example, games installation package, application update, mobile ROM update, application program package download and other scenarios, acceleration of large file downloads is recommended.
    On-demand video/audio For large video files, acceleration of live streaming media is recommended to accelerate video on demand and live streaming services.
    Live streaming media Currently, live streaming is an independent product. Refer to ApsaraVideo Live for more information.
    Dynamic Route for CDN Currently, Dynamic Route for CDN has been an independent product. Refer to the Dynamic Route for CDN for more information.
    Types of origin sites:
    Origin site type Description
    IP You can enter multiple the Internet server IPs. Alibaba Cloud ECS IP can be unaudited.
    Origin server domain name Supports multiple origin server domain names.
    Note The origin server address you entered cannot be the same as the CDN domain name. Otherwise, it leads to cycling resolution, and cannot be returned to the origin server. For example, if your CDN domain name is, we recommend that you set your origin server as
    OSS Enter the Internet domain name of Alibaba Cloud OSS bucket. For example, You can view the Internet domain name of OSS on OSS console. You can also directly select the OSS bucket under the same account.
    Note SNI is not supported for CDN back-to-origin requests.

    Acceleration region description:

    • Select the acceleration region based on your needs: Mainland China, overseas only (domestic nodes unavailable), or world-wide.
    • L3 and above members can apply for this feature by submitting a ticket.
    • Traffic generated from overseas nodes incurs a higher cost than that from domestic nodes. For more information, see Purchase Guide.
    • If you select overseas acceleration only, the registration at China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is not required.
  3. Click Next, then wait for review.
    • You can submit a ticket if you have an urgent requirement for review.
    • If your origin site is Alibaba Cloud ECS or OSS, you will finish reviewing faster.
  4. Complete adding domain name.

    After the CDN domain name reviewing is completed, it displays in Domain Names, and the status Running indicates it has been added successfully.

    Note After adding the CDN domain name, Alibaba Cloud CDN assigns you the corresponding cname address, you must  configure cname for the CDN service to take effect. See the following Step 3.

Step 3. Configure CNAME

  1. Copy the CNAME address assigned by the system from the domain name list in Domain Names in the CDN console:
  2. Go to the DNS console of your DNS service provider (for example,, Alibaba Cloud DNS, DNSPod, xinnet. Tencent DNS, route53 and godaddy) to add the cname record. Examples of the following service providers are provided: Configure Alibaba Cloud DNS.

Step 4. Verify if CNAME is enabled for the domain name

After you configure the CNAME record, the CNAME record may take a variable period of time to take effect, depending on your DNS provider.

You can ping or dig If the cname you added is resolved to*.*kunlun*.com, it indicates the CNAME configuration takes effect, and the CDN service is enabled.