Create an account for a database. For instances of the same user, a single account can be used to operate multiple databases. A single account can have different permissions on different databases.

The following conditions must be met, otherwise account creation will fail:

  • The instance status is Running.

  • The current database status is Running.

  • The current instance is not locked.

  • The maximum number of accounts for a single instance is not exceeded.

Request parameters

Name Type Required? Description
Action String Yes Required parameter. Value: CreateAccount.
DBInstanceId String Yes Instance ID.
AccountName String Yes Account name, which must be unique and meet the following requirements:
  • Start with a letter;
  • Consist of lower-case letters, digits, and underscores (_);
  • Contain no more than 16 characters.
  • For other invalid characters, see Forbidden keywords table.
AccountPassword String Yes Operation password. It may consist of letters, digits, or underlines, with a length of 6 to 32 characters.
AccountType String No Privilege type of account.
  • Normal: Common privilege.
  • Super: High privilege. And the default value is Normal.
  • This parameter is valid for MySQL 5.5/5.6 only.
  • MySQL 5.7, SQL Server 2012/2016, PostgreSQL, and PPAS each can have only one initial account. Other accounts are created by the initial account that has logged on to the database.
AccountDescription String No Account remarks.
  • It cannot begin with http:// or https://.
  • It must start with a Chinese character or English letter.
  • It can include Chinese and English characters/letters, underscores (_), hyphens (-), and digits.
  • The length may be 2-256 characters.

Return parameters

Name Type Description
<Public Return Parameters> - For more information, see Public parameters.

Request example
&<[Public Request Parameters]>

Response example

XML format:


JSON format: