Simple deployment

You can customize RDS specifications through Alibaba Cloud’s official website or the API. After the order is confirmed, RDS generates the specified instance instantly. RDS can work with ECS to reduce the application response time and save on public traffic fees.

On-demand upgrades

Initially, you can purchase an RDS instance that meets the existing business requirements. When requirements on the database and data storage capacity change, you can flexibly adjust the instance specifications without any interruptions to the service.

Effortless migration

RDS is used similarly to the native database engine, meaning that you can transfer the pre-existing knowledge and skills to RDS management. Data can be migrated to RDS using the commercial off-the-shelf data import and export tools with minimal labor cost required.

Ease of management

Alibaba Cloud is responsible for ensuring the normal operation of RDS through routine maintenance and management, such as hardware/software fault processing and database update patches. You can independently perform database addition, deletion, restart, backup, recovery, and other management operations in the Alibaba Cloud console.

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