Flexible billing methods

RDS provides flexible billing methods to help you save costs.
  • For short-term requirements, create Pay-As-You-Go instances (billed by hour), which can be released at any time to save costs.
  • For long-term requirements, create Subscription instances, which are more cost-effective. Furthermore, the longer the subscription, the higher the discount.
For more information, see Billing methods and billing items.

Easy deployment

  • You do not need to purchase database server hardware or software.
  • To use RDS, simply create RDS instances through the RDS console or API. Instances are created within minutes.

On-demand upgrades and downgrades

If you are starting a new business, you can buy an RDS instance of low specifications. As the database pressure and data volume increase, upgrade the instance specifications. During off-peak hours, you can downgrade the instance specifications to save costs. For more information, see Change configurations and Billing details about configuration change.

High compatibility

  • You can operate RDS databases in the way you operate your own database engines.
  • RDS is compatible with your existing programs and tools. Commonly used data import and export tools can be used to import data to RDS. Furthermore, Alibaba Cloud provides DTS to simplify the migration.

Simple O&M

  • Alibaba Cloud ensures the normal operation of RDS through routine maintenance and management, such as hardware/software fault processing and database patch upgrades.
  • You can also manage databases through the RDS console or API. Supported operations include instance management, database management, backup, recovery, and more.

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