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Create a simple scaling solution

Last Updated: Mar 23, 2018

It takes 2 main steps as follows to create a simple scaling solution.

One Minute

  1. Log on to the Auto Scaling console, click Overall solution creation and management on the navigation pane.

  2. Create a scaling group

    A scaling group includes ECS instances that can be applied to the same scenario. You can define the minimum and maximum number of ECS instances in the group, and the associated Server Load Balancer instances and RDS instances.

    1. Enter a value or make a selection for each option listed.

    2. For the Minimum Number of Instances Allowed for Scaling, Auto Scaling starts to create this number of ECS instances in the scaling group.

    3. For Server Load Balancer, all the ports listened on by the specified SLB must be enabled health check.

    4. Click Submit.

    5. Click Create scaling configuration.

  3. Create scaling configuration

    You can specify the specifications of the ECS instances used for scaling.

    1. Enter a value or make a selection for each option listed.

    2. For Image Type, select Custom Image if you need features such as the automated startup of Web servers, the automated downloading of code and scripts.

    3. Click Preview.

  4. Preview

    The Preview page shows the configuration of the previous steps, and the cost of this solution. You are only charged for using the ECS instances, Auto Scaling service is free.

    Click Complete, you can see whether the scaling group you specified is created.

    Note: The scaling group starts by creating the minimum number of instances you specify, and automated adds these instances into the SLB service, and the IPs of these instances into the whitelist of the RDS.

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