Alibaba Cloud offers more than 200 instance types in 10 categories to meet your needs in different application scenarios.

This article is applicable to entry-level users. The recommended configurations are only for reference when you start using an ECS instance. 

Type Instance Type Cloud disk Internet bandwidth Scenarios
Entry level 1 vCPU + 1 GiB memory (ecs.xn4.small) 40 GiB Ultra Cloud Disks 1 Mbps It is applicable to personal websites that are in their early stages and have a small number of visits
Advanced 1 vCPU + 2 GiB memory (ecs.n4.small) 40 GiB Ultra Cloud Disks 2 Mbps It is applicable to websites with moderate traffic, simple development environments, and code base
General 2 vCPU + 4 GiB memory (ecs.n4.large) 40 GiB Ultra Cloud Disks 2 Mbps It can meet the needs of 90% of entry-level users, and is applicable to enterprise operations, parallel computing and common data processing.
Ideal 4 vCPU + 16 GiB memory (ecs.sn2ne.xlarge) 40 GiB Ultra Cloud Disks 5 Mbps It is applicable to large and medium-sized websites, distributed analytics and computing, and Web applications.

For more information, see xn4 type family, n4 type family, and sn2ne type family.

Alibaba Cloud provides a flexible and editable way to modify your configuration. For subscription users, if the configuration is found to be excessively high or low in practice, you can upgrade or downgrade instance configurations.

For more instance types, see Instance type families.

For more information about web hosting, see Web Application Hosting.

After confirming the configuration scheme, you can start to create an ECS instance.