Alibaba Cloud offers more than 200 ECS instance types in over 10 categories to meet your needs in different application scenarios.

The following table categorizes different ECS instance types according to their capabilities in applicable scenarios. Note that the information provided in the table is for reference only. For detailed information about instance types, see Instance type families.

Application Instance specifications Cloud disk Internet bandwidth Description
Entry-level 1 vCPU + 1 GiB memory (ecs.xn4.small) 40 GiB ultra disk 1 Mbps Applicable to personal websites such as blogs, portfolio websites, and similar.
Basic 1 vCPU + 2 GiB memory (ecs.n4.small) 40 GiB ultra disk 2 Mbps Applicable to web applications such as standard development environments and code repositories.
General-purpose 2 vCPU + 4 GiB memory (ecs.n4.large) 40 GiB ultra disk 2 Mbps Applicable to enterprise operations, parallel computing, and common data processing.
Advanced 4 vCPU + 16 GiB memory (ecs.sn2ne.xlarge) 40 GiB ultra disk 5 Mbps Applicable to medium- to large-scale web applications and distributed analytics and computing.

For more information about web application and hosting solutions, see Web Hosting Solution.

Alibaba Cloud also allows you to flexibly modify instance type configurations by upgrading or downgrading configurations as needed.