For the price information, see the Pricing page.

Chargeable resources

The price of an ECS instance depends on the following resources:

  • Instance types, images, and cloud disks: The price of these resources vary according to the billing method you select. For more information, see Billing method comparison.

    • Instance types: The instance type determines the number of vCPU cores and the size of memory.

    • Images:

      • Public images: Charges apply only for Windows OS images and Red Hat images. Linux or Unix-like OS images are free of charge.
      • Marketplace images: The price is determined by the image supplier.
      • Shared images or custom images: If they are created by using marketplace images, the price is determined by the image provider.
    • Cloud disks: Disks created together with an ECS instance have the same billing method as the ECS instance. Disks created separately are billed according to the Pay-As-You-Go billing method. For a Pay-As-You-Go cloud disk, after an ECS instance is created, you can change the instance billing method from Pay-As-You-Go to Subscription in the ECS console. Alternatively, you can upgrade the Pay-As-You-Go instance configurations to change the billing method.

  • Public network bandwidth: If a public IP address is assigned to your ECS instance when you create or upgrade it, you must pay for public network bandwidth. For more information, see Billing of network bandwidth.

    Note VPC-Connected ECS instances can access the Internet by binding an EIP address to them. For more information, see Billing of EIP.
  • Snapshots: Snapshots are free of charge.