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Last Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Alibaba Cloud Public DNS Commercial Edition supports access methods that are based on HTTP, HTTPS. On the Public DNS page in the Alibaba Cloud DNS console, click the More tab. On this tab, click Details next to Access.

HTTP or HTTPS-based access methods

Method 1: Use Public DNS SDKs

1. Download Public DNS SDK for Android or Public DNS SDK for iOS based on the operating system of your terminal.

2. Integrate the SDK in your app. For more information, see the following topics:

3. Go to the Public DNS page in the Alibaba Cloud DNS console to check whether the statistics about resolutions are displayed. If so, the access is successful.

Method 2: Call the JSON API for DoH

You can use the following URLs to call the JSON API for DNS over HTTPS (DoH). Both Transport Layer Security (TLS) and non-TLS API operations are provided.



For more information, see JSON API for DoH.

Method 3: Access Public DNS by using DoT or DoH

Configure the address of a DNS over TLS (DoT) or DoH server based on the corresponding format. Replace user_id with the value of the Account ID parameter that you can obtain from the Overview tab of the Public DNS page in the Alibaba Cloud DNS console.

Address of a DoT server:

Address of a DoH server:

By default, DoT or DoH-based access is disabled in Public DNS. You can manually enable DoT or DoH-based access. If DoT or DoH-based access is disabled, the resolutions that use DoH or Dot are performed by Public DNS Free Edition. No service level agreement (SLA) compliance is ensured. No reports about the resolutions are provided in the console.

If you access Public DNS by configuring the address of a DoH or DoT server, service authentication is not supported. In this case, unauthorized users may perform DNS resolution by using your account. If you want Public DNS to perform DNS resolution by using DoH or DoT, you must manually enable DoH or DoT-based access.