Security Center Ultimate provides detection and protection capabilities for your servers and the runtime environments of your containers. The entry points in the left-side navigation pane for Security Center Ultimate are different from those for the Basic, Anti-virus,Advanced, or Enterprise edition. This enables you to use container-related features in an efficient manner. This topic describes the differences between the feature entry points in Security Center Ultimate and those in other editions of Security Center.

Notice Security Center documentation describes the features by edition, such as Basic, Anti-virus, Advanced, or Enterprise. Features in the Security Center Ultimate have different entry points compared with the Basic, Anti-virus, Advanced, or Enterprise edition. However, the features still provide the same functionality. For more information about the features that each edition supports, see Features.

Entry points to Security Center features

The following table describes the entry points in Security Center Ultimate and those in other editions.

Feature Entry point in the Basic, Anti-virus, Advanced, or Enterprise edition Entry point in the Ultimate edition
Container image scan Precaution > Image Security Security Prevention > Image Security
Use the container signature feature Operation > Container Signature Security Prevention > Container Signature
Configuration assessment Precaution > Config Assessment Security Prevention > Config Assessment
Alerts Detection > Alerts Runtime Detection > Alerts
Vulnerability fixing Precaution > Vulnerabilities Runtime Detection > Runtime Vul Fixes
Baseline check Precaution > Baseline Check Runtime Detection > Baseline Check
Attack awareness Detection > Attack Awareness Runtime Detection > Attack Awareness
Detection of AccessKey pair leaks Detection > AccessKey Leak Runtime Detection > AccessKey Leak