This topic describes how to use a production studio to implement live streaming.


Note This topic describes how to use a production studio in the ApsaraVideo Live console. For information about how to use a production studio by calling API operations, see Sample code for calling API operations.
  1. Go to a production studio.
    Log on to the ApsaraVideo Live console. In the left-side navigation pane, click Production Studios. On the Production Studio Management page, find the production studio that you want to use and click Open in the Actions column. Go to a production studio
  2. Set the production studio.
    When you go to a production studio for the first time, the Studio Settings dialog box automatically appears. You can also click Settings in the upper-right corner of the production studio page to open the Studio Settings dialog box. For more information, see Configure a production studio. Settings
  3. Add a video source.
    Click Add Video and select a video source. For more information, see Add video sources. Add a video source
  4. Set a layout to display video sources.
    1. Click New Layout and select a layout to display video sources. For more information, see Customize a layout. Layout
    2. Click the layout that you want to use to display video sources. The layout is highlighted in green. Layout
  5. Start live streaming.
    Click Start. The PVW window displays mixed video sources. Start live streamingMixed video sources
    Note The PVW window is used by relevant staff to preview and debug mixed video sources. Audience cannot watch mixed video sources that are displayed in this window. You can click Switch to PGM to allow audience to watch mixed video sources.
  6. Switch to PGM.
    Click Switch to PGM. The PGM window displays a final program for audience. 6
    • If you directly close the production studio page or exit from the production studio by clicking Exit Production Studio and then Exit, live streaming and billing continue.
    • To stop live streaming and billing, click Stop in the upper-right corner. Alternatively, you can click Exit Production Studio in the upper-right corner. In the Exit Production Studio dialog box, click Exit and Stop Broadcasting.