You can call this operation to view a provisioned configuration.

Request headers

This operation uses only common request headers. For more information, see Common parameters.

Request syntax

GET /services/{serviceName.[qualifier]}/functions/{functionName}/provision-config 

Request parameters

Parameter Type Position Required Example Description
serviceName String Path Yes service_name

The name of the service.

qualifier String Path Yes test

The version or alias of the service.

functionName String Path Yes function_name

The name of the function.

Object Body Yes

The definition of the function.

target Long Body Yes 1

The expected number of resources.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Example Description
ETag String provisionconfig

The ETag value of the resource name. This value is used to ensure that the modified resource is consistent with the resource to be modified.

resource String 198611443057****#service_name#test#function_name

The description of the resource.

target Long 15

The expected number of resources.

current Long 1

The actual number of resources.


Sample requests

GET /2016-08-15/services/service_name.test/functions/function_name/provision-config HTTP/1.1 
Common request headers

Sample success responses

JSON format

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Common response headers
  "resource": "198611443057****#service_name#test#function_name",
  "target": 15,
  "current": 1