This topic lists the documentation updates for new features and updates of Machine Learning Platform for AI.

Updates in July 2020

Date Feature Category Description Documentation
July 22, 2020 Computer vision model training New feature Label training data, train commonly used computer vision models, and deploy models. Models that are developed on the mobile platform are optimized. You can test your model on your mobile phone by scanning the QR code of the model. Computer vision model training
July 22, 2020 RAM user authorization Optimization If you want to manage instances and train models as a Resource Access Management (RAM) user, you must first use your Alibaba Cloud account to authorize the RAM user. RAM user authorization
July 22, 2020 OSS authorization Optimization You must authorize the Object Storage Service (OSS) role assumed by AutoLearning so that AutoLearning can use this role to retrieve source data from OSS. OSS authorization