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Pricing overview

Last Updated: Jun 18, 2021

This topic describes the pricing of Alibaba Cloud Public DNS, including billing methods, billing items, and prices.

The public review period of Public DNS Commercial Edition ends in April 2021. Then, Public DNS Commercial Edition is available as a commercial service. For more information, see Notice of commercial release.

Billing methods

Public DNS supports the pay-as-you-go billing method.

Billable items

Public DNS is billed based on the number of HTTP-based resolutions.

A resolution that uses DNS over TLS (DoT) or DNS over HTTPS (DoH) is counted as five HTTP-based resolutions.

Billing cycle

1. Public DNS generates daily bills.

2. On the first day of each month, Public DNS provides a free quota of 10 million HTTP-based resolutions. After you use up the free monthly quota, you are charged for excess resolutions.

3. The free quota is provided on a monthly basis. The remaining quota from the previous month does not roll over.

Billing details

1. Deduction sequence


2. Free quota

Public DNS provides a free monthly quota of 10 million HTTP-based resolutions.

3. Pay-as-you-go billing

After you use up the free quota, you are charged USD 0.0062 per 10,000 HTTP-based resolutions.

View the details about resolutions

In the Alibaba Cloud DNS console, go to the Public DNS page. You can view the details about resolutions on the Billing Data tab.


Note: If you do not need to use the advanced features of the service in the Alibaba Cloud Management console or do not use an account ID to access the service, you can use Public DNS Free Edition. For more information, see Access Alibaba Cloud Public DNS Free Edition and provided for regular users.