Anycast elastic IP addresses (Anycast EIPs) serve as fixed entry points to applications hosted on Alibaba Cloud. You can use Anycast EIPs in combination with high-bandwidth BGP lines and the global network of Alibaba Cloud. This allows users across the globe to access your business system through the nearest access point with a low network latency.

Network architecture with Anycast EIPs used 4

An Anycast EIP is a public IP address that you can purchase and use as an independent resource. After you purchase an Anycast EIP, the system allocates a public IP address to the Anycast EIP. The public IP address can be announced from all access point locations. After you associate the Anycast EIP with a cloud resource, user traffic can be routed from the nearest access point to Alibaba Cloud. Network traffic is automatically routed to the associated cloud resource through the optimal route. You do not need to configure routes. This offers a consistent user experience when users in different regions access backend servers on Alibaba Cloud.


The following table describes the components of an Anycast EIP.

Component Description
Access Area The access point locations where users can access Alibaba Cloud.

Anycast EIPs can be anycast from all access point locations outside mainland China.

IP address The public IP address that is used to access the cloud resource on Alibaba Cloud.

After you create an Anycast EIP, the system automatically allocates a public IP address to the Anycast EIP. Users can use the Anycast EIP to access the associated resource on Alibaba Cloud through the nearest access point.

Access point An access point serves as an ingress through which network traffic is routed to Alibaba Cloud. Each access point is a point of presence (PoP) or a region of Alibaba Cloud. For more information, see Access point locations.
Origin server region The region where the cloud resource is deployed.

You can associate an Anycast EIP with a Classic Load Balancer (CLB) instance that is deployed in the Singapore (Singapore) or Germany (Frankfurt) region.

Note The CLB instance with which you want to associate an Anycast EIP must be internal-facing and deployed in a virtual private cloud (VPC).

Access point locations

The following table describes the access point locations from which an Anycast EIP can be announced.
District Region
Asia Pacific China (Hong Kong), Singapore (Singapore), India (Mumbai), Thailand (Bangkok), China (Taiwan), Philippines (Manila), Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh), South Korea (Seoul), Japan (Tokyo), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), and Indonesia (Jakarta)
North America US (Silicon Valley) and US (Virginia)
South America Brazil (Sao Paulo)
Europe UK (London), Russia (Moscow), and Germany (Frankfurt)