PrivateLink is used to establish private connections between virtual private clouds (VPCs) and other Alibaba Cloud services. This simplifies network architectures and secures data transmission.

Note PrivateLink is available for use in only specific regions. For more information, see Regions and zones that support PrivateLink.


PrivateLink provides the following benefits:

  • Low risks

    You can access endpoint services through PrivateLink connections. Requests are forwarded within Alibaba Cloud. This avoids risks over the Internet.

  • High security

    When you use PrivateLink to access cloud services in a VPC, you can add rules to the security group of the elastic network interface (ENI) that is used to access the services. This ensures higher security and reliability.

  • Low latency and high quality

    When you use PrivateLink to access cloud services, requests are forwarded within the same zone. This greatly reduces the network latency.

  • Simplified management

    PrivateLink allows you to access cloud services that are deployed in another VPC within the same account, or services that belong to another account. This avoids complicated route settings and security configurations.