This topic lists some sections in the developer guide for Apache Dubbo for your reference.

  • Source code build
    Framework design
    SPI loading
    Implementation details
    Protocol extension
    Filter extension
    InvokerListener extension
    ExporterListener extension
    Cluster extension
    Router extension
    LoadBalance extension
    Merger extension
    Registry extension
    Monitor extension
    ExtensionFactory extension
    ProxyFactory extension
    Compiler extension
    Dispatcher extension
    ThreadPool extension
    Serialization extension
    Transporter extension
    Exchanger extension
    Networker extension
    TelnetHandler extension
    StatusChecker extension
    Container extension
    PageHandler extension
    Cache extension
    Validation extension
    LoggerAdapter extension
    Configuration center
    Public agreement
    Coding convention
    The devil is in the details
    Some in the design of the basic common sense
    Talk about expansion of extension and incremental extension
    The configuration design
    The robustness of the design implementation
    "Fool-proof" design
    Extension points to reconstruct
    Bad smell
    Coding convention
    Compatibility test