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Last Updated: Aug 27, 2020


The data backup feature helps you back up DNS records at regular intervals. You can quickly restore the records to a specific backup. This minimizes impacts on your business that are caused by the loss of DNS records.


1 . The data backup feature is only available in the paid editions of Alibaba Cloud DNS. The following table lists the limits on the feature in different editions.

Edition Data backup Backup cycle
Free Edition Not supported
Personal Edition Not supported
Enterprise Standard Edition Supported Daily backup
Enterprise Ultimate Edition Supported Hourly backup

2 . If you downgrade your Alibaba Cloud DNS to the Personal or Free Edition, the Edit and Recovery operations of data backups become unavailable. However, you can still view, download, and delete the backups.


1 . Log on to the Alibaba Cloud DNS console.
2 . On the Manage DNS page, click the More Services tab, and click Use Now in the Data Backup section.


3 . On the Data Backup page, click Create a backup plan.


4 . Select the domain name whose DNS records you want to back up and specify a backup cycle. For more information about the backup cycle, see the table in the Limits section.


5 . In the backup list, click Edit to change the backup cycle of a data backup.


6 . In the backup list, click Recovery to restore DNS records to a specific backup. The restoration does not interrupt your business. After the restoration is complete, click View Details to view the restoration result.


7 . In the backup list, click View to download the backup records of the specified time.


8 . In the backup list, click Delete to delete a backup. This operation does not delete your DNS records.