An ApsaraDB for MyBase dedicated cluster consists of multiple hosts such as ECS instances of the ecs.i2.xlarge instance type and ECS Bare Metal instances. You can run instances on these hosts.


ApsaraDB for MyBase is a dedicated database service designed for large and medium-sized enterprises. It allows users to use dedicated cloud resources, independently perform O&M operations, and deploy different types of database instances in the cluster. ApsaraDB for MyBase enables flexible resource scheduling and meets user requirements for regulatory compliance, high performance, and security.


ApsaraDB for MyBase allows you to manage instances in batches. You can create multiple dedicated clusters in a region. Each dedicated cluster consists of multiple hosts. Each host supports multiple instances.

ApsaraDB for MyBase offers the following three cluster-level features:

  • Resource scheduling: You can configure an overcommit ratio for a specific type of resources to maximize the resource usage. Resources are categorized into the following types: CPU, memory, storage capacity, input/output operations per second (IOPS), and network traffic.
  • Host management: You can use resources of an ApsaraDB for MyBase cluster after you create hosts. You can add and replace hosts in a dedicated cluster.
  • Instance management: You can manage primary, secondary, read-only, and log instances. You can also use features that are unavailable to pay-as-you-go and subscription instances.

Supported database engines


Note Other database engines may be supported in later versions.


You need to pay only for the hosts that you create and for the enhanced SSDs that you use. You do not need to pay for ApsaraDB for MyBase, instances, memory, or local SSDs.


ApsaraDB for MyBase enables more flexible resource scheduling, more advanced, enterprise-level databases, and more permissions than regular database services. For more information, see Benefits.