EdgeScript enables script-based programmable configurations for CDN. You can use EdgeScript to efficiently customize the CDN service according to your business needs. In this way, you can shorten the cycle of releasing custom features, and rapidly optimize your business. This topic introduces the concept of EdgeScript and describes corresponding application scenarios and how to configure EdgeScript rules in the CDN console.

What is EdgeScript?

EdgeScript is a script tool designed for CDN. This tool supports powerful scripts and simple syntax, and allows you to efficiently customize the CDN service. You can use EdgeScript to easily build a custom business system based on Alibaba Cloud CDN. Your EdgeScript configurations take effect among all CDN nodes within several seconds. In addition, you can continuously benefit from agile and iterative business development.


EdgeScript can be used to customize the following features:
  • Authentication
  • Request and response header control
  • Configuration rewriting and redirection
  • A/B testing
  • Cache control
  • Throttling
  • Other features

Process of configuring EdgeScript rules in the console

Configure EdgeScript rules in the CDN console