EdgeScript enables script-based programmable configuration for CDN. EdgeScript supports fast, agile, and efficient service customization. This topic describes what is EdgeScript, its application scenarios, and the EdgeScript open beta test.

What is EdgeScript

EdgeScript is a script tool designed for CDN. It uses scripts and simple syntax to achieve powerful service customization. You can use EdgeScript to quickly build a custom service system based on Alibaba Cloud CDN. Fast service release and agile service upgrades will help you develop services efficiently.


EdgeScript can be used to customize the following services:
  • Authentication
  • Request and response header control
  • Configuration rewriting and redirection
  • A/B testing
  • Cache control
  • Throttling
  • Other services

Open beta test

Currently, EdgeScript is at the open beta test stage. To join the test, you must submit a ticket. After you join the test, you will get:
Note Each domain name supports only one EdgeScript script.