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Service renewal

Last Updated: May 11, 2020

DMS Enterprise currently supports the subscription billing method, which requires renewal before the service expires. If you do not renew the service in a timely manner, your data will be retained for seven days after the service expires. You can complete the renewal within the seven days. You can continue to use the service only after you have completed the renewal. If you have not completed the renewal after the seven days, the system will clean up your previous usage data and configuration information and release your resources.

Renewal management

Method 1: Enable automatic renewal during subscription

On the purchase page, select Auto Renew in the Billing Cycle section. After you enable automatic renewal, the system will automatically renew the subscription based on the subscription period. For example, if you subscribe to the service for three months, you will be charged a fee of the three-month subscription upon each automatic renewal.

Method 2: Manually renew the service on demand

During the use, you can manually renew the service at any time by choosing System Management > Service Specification in the left-side navigation pane. Select a renewal period as required.

If it is cumbersome to manually renew the service each time or it is inconvenient for you to use an Alibaba Cloud account to complete the renewal, we recommend that you enable automatic renewal.

Method 3: Enable automatic renewal during service use

In the Alibaba Cloud console, choose Billing Management > Renew in the top navigation bar. Select DMS Enterprise on the Manual tab and click Enable Auto Renewal.

You can specify an automatic renewal period for the automatic renewal as required.