If you need to use Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) to accelerate the delivery of content on a specific website, you must specify the website as the origin, and create an accelerated domain for the origin. By using this accelerated domain, Alibaba Cloud CDN caches content from the origin to a CDN node to accelerate content delivery. This topic describes how to add a domain to Alibaba Cloud CDN in the console to create an accelerated domain.


  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud CDN console. You are navigated to the Overview page. In the left-side navigation pane, click Domain Names.
  2. On the Domain Names page, click Add Domain Name.
  3. Configure the following parameters: Domain Name to Accelerate, Business Type, Origin Info, Port, and Region.
    The following table lists the parameters that you must set on the Add Domain Name page.
    Parameter Option Description
    Domain Name to Accelerate N/A
    Enter a domain name, for example, ch.aliyun.com. Follow these rules:
    • You can use a subdomain name or a wildcard domain name as the accelerated domain name, for example, cdntest.example.com.
    • Wildcard domains are supported and Chinese domains are not supported. Follow the instructions to enter a wildcard domain name, for example, *.test.com. For more information about how to add a wildcard domain name, see Rules for adding wildcard domain names.
    • You cannot add a domain name to Alibaba Cloud CDN more than once. If a DomainAlreadyExist error occurs, submit a ticket.
    • Up to 50 domains can be added to Alibaba Cloud CDN under each account. To add more domains, submit a ticket.
    • Content that is served from the domain must comply with the limits of Alibaba Cloud CDN. For more information, see Limits.
    Business Type Image and Small File If you want to accelerate the delivery of small-sized static content on your website, such as small files, images, and style sheets, we recommend that you select Image and Small File from the Business Type drop-down list.
    Large File Download If you want to accelerate the delivery of static files that are larger than 20 MB, such as game installation packages, app updates, mobile read-only memory (ROM) upgrades, and app package downloads, we recommend that you select Large File Download from the Business Type drop-down list.
    VOD If you want to accelerate the delivery of on-demand video or audio content, we recommend that you select VOD from the Business Type drop-down list.
    DCDN If your website or application contains large amounts of dynamic content, you can select DCDN from the Business Type drop-down list. With simple configurations, Dynamic Route for CDN (DCDN) can accelerate the delivery of dynamic and static content separately. Static content is cached and dynamic content is retrieved from the origin based on the optimal link algorithm and protocol layer optimization of Alibaba Cloud.

    After you select DCDN, you are prompted to go to the Dynamic Route for CDN console. You can then create and configure the accelerated domain. For more information.

    Origin Info IP You can specify the public IP addresses of one or more servers. IP addresses of Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances are exempt from manual review.
    Site Domain You can specify the domain names of one or more publicly accessible origin servers.
    Note The domain name of the origin server cannot be the same as the accelerated domain name. Otherwise, a DNS resolution loop occurs, and the requests cannot be forwarded to the origin server correctly. For example, if you set the accelerated domain name to cdn.yourdomain.com, you can set the origin domain name to img.yourdomain.com.
    OSS Domain You can manually enter the Internet domain name of an Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) bucket, for example, xxx.oss-cn-hangzhou.aliyuncs.com. To view the Internet domain name of an OSS bucket, go to the OSS console. You can also directly select an OSS bucket under the same account.
    Function Compute Domain You must set the Region and Domain Name parameters of the Function Compute domain. For more information, see Set a Function Compute domain name.
    Port N/A
    Select a port as needed.
    • Port 80

      Specifies access to resources over HTTP.

    • Port 443

      Specifies access to resources over HTTPS.

    Region Outside Mainland China If you select Outside Mainland China, no Internet content provider (ICP) filing is required.
    Global If you select Global, you must apply for an ICP filing with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of China. For more information, see Domain filing.
    Mainland China If you select Mainland China, you must apply for an ICP filing with the MITT of China. For more information, see Domain filing.
  4. Click Next.
    After your accelerated domain is reviewed and approved, you can view the domain name on the Domain Names page in the CDN console. If the accelerated domain is in the Enabled state, the add operation is successful.domain complete
    • If you want to speed up the review process, submit a ticket.
    • If your origin is in Alibaba Cloud ECS or OSS, the review process takes less time.
    • After the domain is added to Alibaba Cloud, Alibaba Cloud CDN team assigns a canonical name (CNAME) to the domain. The CDN service takes effect for the domain only after you add the corresponding CNAME record to the DNS records of the domain.

API operations

You can call API operations listed in the following table to manage accelerated domains.
Operation Description
AddCdnDomain Adds a CDN domain name.
DeleteCdnDomain Removes a CDN domain name.
StopCdnDomain Disables a CDN domain name.
StartCdnDomain Enables a CDN domain name.
BatchStartCdnDomain Enables one or more CDN domain names.
ModifyCdnDomain Modifies a CDN domain name.
DescribeUserDomains Queries all domain names and their status under your account.
DescribeCdnCertificateList Queries the list of certificates.
DescribeDomainCertificateInfo Queries details about a specified CDN domain certificate.
DescribeCdnDomainDetail Queries the basic configuration information about a specified CDN domain name.
DescribeDomainsBySource Queries all domain names of the specified origin sites under your account.
SetDomainServerCertificate Enables or disables the certificate of a specified domain name, and modifies the certificate information.
BatchStopCdnDomain Disables one or more CDN domain names.
Note You can query the VIPs for an accelerated domain only by making an API request. For more information, see DescribeUserVipsByDomain.