After you activate DataWorks, bills are generated based on the services and resources that you use. You can perform different operations in DataWorks. For example, you can develop nodes, schedule nodes to run at the specified time, and schedule sync nodes. You can also monitor a large number of workflows, monitor data quality, call API operations compiled in DataService Studio.

  • The system sends you a notification if you have an overdue payment. In this case, you must complete the overdue payment at the earliest opportunity to avoid service suspension.

    If you have other questions, submit a ticket.

  • Shared resource groups for scheduling and shared resource groups for Data Integration are a shared resource pool. If you use the shared resource pool during peak hours, instances may keep waiting for resources and fail to be run. Sync nodes may not be allocated a sufficient number of threads for data transmission. You can purchase exclusive resources to make sure that concurrent nodes can be run as expected. For more information, see DataWorks exclusive resources.

Billable items

Some DataWorks services, such as DataService Studio and Data Quality, are billed in pay-as-you-go mode. You are charged only when you use such services.Billing overview-intl For more information about the DataWorks services that are billed in pay-as-you-go mode, see the following topics:
Note If you run a smoke test in the development environment, you are charged for the generated instances.

For more information about the billing details of DataWorks services and resources, see DataWorks (pay-as-you-go) billing details.