Compatible with PostgreSQL, Hologres enables you to query and analyze MaxCompute data and query data written in real time. It also allows you to perform federated analytics on real-time and MaxCompute data. It helps you construct a real-time data warehouse for your enterprise.

Hologres has the following benefits:
  • Quick response

    Known for its superior performance over open source systems, Hologres can respond to query requests for petabyte-level data in sub-seconds. It supports vectorized computing and intelligent column store indexing. You can use Hologres to analyze data in real time from multiple dimensions.

  • Interactive analytics of MaxCompute data

    Hologres integrates seamlessly with MaxCompute. You can use Hologres to query data from MaxCompute projects and obtain query results without the need to synchronize data from MaxCompute to Hologres.

    You can query MaxCompute data separately or perform federated analytics on MaxCompute data and real-time data. This helps you construct a real-time data warehouse for your enterprise with low costs and high effectiveness.

  • Real-time writing and query with high concurrency

    Hologres supports real-time writing and query of data with high concurrency, attaining a writing speed of up to hundreds of millions of transactions per second (TPS).

  • Separated computing and storage resources
    • Hologres uses a cloud native architecture where computing and storage resources are separated. This allows you to scale in or out storage resources and computing resources independently.
    • This architecture supports dynamic configuration changes and auto scaling. You can scale in or out Hologres resources based on your business needs. The more resources you deploy, the greater the number of concurrent tasks supported.
    • This architecture supports both row store and column store. In addition, Hologres can meet diversified analytics and query requirements, such as simple queries, complex queries, and ad hoc queries.
  • Ease of use

    Hologres is compatible with PostgreSQL and integrates seamlessly with DataWorks, which relies on a big data computing engine to support intelligent R&D in the cloud. By using Hologres, you can analyze data based on standard PostgreSQL, without extra learning needs.