This topic describes the application scenarios of Alibaba Cloud CDN and its related products.

You can use Alibaba Cloud CDN in the following scenarios: static content delivery acceleration, dynamic content delivery acceleration, and secure acceleration. Alibaba Cloud CDN serves to accelerate only the delivery of static content.

The following table describes the scenarios where Alibaba Cloud CDN can be used.
Scenario Description
Images and small files Your websites or applications mainly host images and small files in various formats including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
Large file download Your websites or applications mainly host large files greater than 20 MB, such as gaming apps, client apps, or app stores.
VOD Your websites or applications mainly host on-demand videos or short videos in formats including MP4 and FLV.
Whole site acceleration Dynamic Route for CDN is an independent Alibaba Cloud product, which can accelerate the delivery of dynamic content. In addition, it supports separate acceleration for the delivery of dynamic and static content.