This topic describes how to view your current privileges and resource quotas in the ECS console. You can apply to increase your resource quota if the current resource quota is insufficient.

Background information

Your privileges and resource quotas may change based on the usage of your ECS resources.
Note The privileges and quotas feature of some accounts have been upgraded to the new version. If your Privileges & Quotas page is not consistent with that described in this topic, see View and increase quotas.


  1. Log on to the ECS console.
  2. In the upper-right corner of the Overview page, click Privileges.
  3. On the Privileges & Quotas page, view the privileges and resource quotas in each region.
    Section Description
    Privileges Privileges contain Downgrade, Copy Image, and Export Custom Image. If these items are dimmed, you do not have the privileges.
    Network Privilege The network privilege indicates whether the classic network is enabled in this region.
    Quotas by Resource Type You can switch regions to view the privileges and quotas in the specified region. You can click Apply to request for increasing a resource quota.
    Type of Available Pay-As-You-Go Instances You can switch regions to view the available pay-as-you-go instance types in the specified region.