This topic describes how to view your current privileges and ECS resource quotas in the ECS console. You can apply to increase your resource quota if the current amount of resources is insufficient.


  1. Log on to the ECS console.
  2. On the Overview page, click Privileges & Quotas.

    On the Privileges & Quotas page, you can view the privileges supported by ECS, your current privileges, and the resource quota of different regions. The following table describes the privilege and quota items you can view.

    Item Description
    Privileges Privileges are dynamically provided and may change based on your ECS usage.

    Privileges include importing custom images, downgrading configurations of Subscription instances, copying images, and exporting custom images. If you do not have one of the preceding privileges, the corresponding icon will be dimmed.

    Privilege Setting You can enable or disable the No Charge for Stopped VPC Instances feature.
    Resource Quotas You can view the resource quota of different regions, including privileged resources and available Pay-As-You-Go instance types.
    Note If you want to increase your resource quota, click Apply.
    Network Privilege You can check whether the Classic network is enabled in the selected region.