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Keynotes & Presentations

  • Jack Ma Lays out Hopes, Vision for Alibaba Damo Academy
  • Gerry Pennell: What Does All That Got to Do with Technology
  • Simon Hu: Computing Intelligence, Born for the Future
  • Wang jian: ET City Brain, Let City Think
  • JEANNETTE M. WING: Big Data and Big AI for Good
  • Jeff Zhang: Converge of Global Intelligence and Inclusive Technology for Human Progress
  • Ku Wei: More than Just Connected--Alibaba Cloud IoT Strategy
  • Li Jin: New Products Launch
  • Miffy Chen: The Future of Alibaba's Voice
  • Min Wanli: The Evolutionary Path to Ensemble Intelligence
  • Larry Xiao: Cloud Security: The Rising China Power
  • Panel Discussion: China Youth π
  • Zhou Jinren: Computing Makes Data Intelligent
  • Matt Allcoat: Journey to Cloud
  • Rob Hays: Accelerate Business Transformation with the Cloud
  • Eugene Wang: Hitachi consulting companies - your new retail transformation journey with technology and services


  • Accenture: Ventures into Digital Economy with Cloud and Intelligent Infrastructure
  • UK Weather Data Analytics and Forecast with Cloud Computing - Interview with Alberto Arribas from Met Office
  • Docker – Container Technology Trends & Adoption in the Enterprise Market
  • Red Hat – Driving Business Innovation with Open Source
  • GitHub – Open Source Community Development in APAC
  • Collating Different Data and Getting Insights with Cloud Computing - Interview with Niall Robinson from Met Office
  • DataVisor – Empowering Security with Big Data & Machine Learning
  • Fusionex - Getting the Most out of Data through Big Data Analytics
  • Eficode Shares Outlook on the Future of DevOps
  • Tokopedia - Improving E-Commerce Experience in ASEAN with Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Native - The Future of Software Development and Deployment
  • CITO of International Olympics Committee and CTO of Olympic Channel speak on the strategic partnership of Olympics and Alibaba Cloud
  • The Postgres craze never fades
  • The courage and the passion: the story behind MariaDB
  • Why Redis has become so popular?

Conference Highlights

  • Patrick Chanezon, Member of Technical Staff at Docker
  • Adam Burden, Senior Managing Director, Accenture Technology, Advanced Technology & Architecture
  • Gerry Pennell, Chief Information & Technology Officer for the International Olympic Committee
  • Alberto Arribas, Head of Informatics Lab at Met Office
  • Jeff Zhang, Chief Technology Officer of Alibaba Group
  • Niall Robinson, Deputy Head Informatics Lab at Met Office
  • Jack Ma Sings "Unchained Melody" at The Computing Conference 2017 Music Festival
  • Dan Kohn, Executive Director of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation
  • Isaac Jacob, Vice President, Enterprise Practice Group at Fusionex
  • Jari P. Ängeslevä, Executive Vice President, Strategy and Growth at Eficode
  • Sam Hunt, Director - ASEAN & ANZ at GitHub
  • Qasim Zaidi, CTO at Tokopedia


  • Isaac Jacob, Senior Vice President, Fusionex was a featured keynote speaker in Alibaba Cloud Computing Conference 2017 today and also a panelist of the panel session.

    Fusionex International via LinkedIn 2017.10.11
  • Great session on SAP at #thecomputingconference2017 Alibaba Cloud

    Ken Erskine via LinkedIn 2017.10.11
  • We are proud to announce Eficode's CTO Marko Klemetti is one of the keynote speakers of Alibaba Cloud's #TheComputingConference2017

    Eficode via Twitter 2017.10.9
  • Attending @AlibabaGroup #TheComputingConference2017 in #Hangzhou. Hearing their CTO Jeff speaking @CIOAcademyAsia

    glenfrancis‏ via Twitter 2017.10.11
  • 1 week to go! #RedHat will be speaking at #TheComputingConference2017 about enterprise IT, #opensource and the Alibaba Cloud!

    Red Hat APAC‏ via Twitter 2017.10.3
  • Amazing partners and collaboration at the @alibaba_cloud #TheComputingConference2017 @Dynatrace @CiscoCloud @NetApp @github @intel

    Andrew Heading via Twitter 2017.10.11
  • Don't miss #TheComputingConference2017 with @alibaba_cloud to find out more about #Cloud, #BigData and #AI.

    Global Cloud Xchange‏ via Twitter 2017.10.6
  • Eficode will participate in The Computing Conference 2017 by Alibaba Cloud. Stay tuned for more information! #TheComputingConference2017

    Eficode via Facebook 2017.10.6
  • @AirAsia works with Alibaba Cloud to improve the security of its booking engine. Learn more at #TheComputingConference2017 this week!

    Alibaba Cloud via Twitter 10.9.2017
  • We're excited to be part of this event! NewSky Security will hold a booth at #TheComputingConference2017 China, welcome to drop by!

    NewSky Security‏ via Twitter 10.4.2017

    I'm so excited to be part of this event! NewSky Security Inc will hold a booth at #TheComputingConference2017 in China, welcome to drop by and discuss #IoTSecurity with us!

    Scott Wu, Co-founder, NewSky Security Inc, via Linkedin 10.4.2017
  • 2 days to go: Visit Gemalto at #TheComputingConference2017 hosted by #Alibaba Group @alibaba_cloud

    Gemalto Asia via Twitter 10.8.2017

    Mobingi is going to #TheComputingConference2017 in 杭州 next week, looking forward to meeting many developers!

    Shingo Yoshida‏ via Twitter 10.3.2017
  • Waiting for you! Address: Yunqi Town International Exhibition Center, Hangzhou, China. Exhibition Area: D3-301. #TheComputingConference2017

    Oceanblue Cloud‏ via Twitter 10.5.2017
  • About the Computing Conference

    Hosted by Alibaba Group, The Computing Conference is a major worldwide event in the field of cloud computing. The conference covers all the latest trends in frontier technologies, including Cloud Computing, Big Data, and AI.
    The Computing Conference is an annual event, which is held in several major cities around China, including Shenzhen, Nanjing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Beijing, and Hangzhou. The event in Hangzhou is the largest one and the focal point of the conference, held in October 2017.