Keynote Forum

  • Jack Ma Lays out Hopes, Vision for Alibaba Damo Academy
  • Simon Hu: Computing Intelligence, Born for the Future
  • Gerry Pennell: What Does All That Got to Do with Technology
  • Wang jian: ET City Brain, Let City Think
  • Jeff Zhang: Converge of Global Intelligence and Inclusive Technology for Human Progress
  • Jeannette M. Wing: Big Data and Big AI for Good
  • Ku Wei: More than Just Connected--Alibaba Cloud IoT Strategy
  • Li Jin: New Products Launch
  • Min Wanli: The Evolutionary Path to Ensemble Intelligence
  • Miffy Chen: The Future of Alibaba's Voice
  • Larry Xiao: Cloud Security: The Rising China Power
  • Panel Discussion: China Youth π
  • Zhou Jinren: Computing Makes Data Intelligent

International Forum 1

  • Yeming Wang: Opening Keynote
  • Isaac Jacob: Leveraging on Data, AI and Cloud Computing for better decisions
  • Alibaba Cloud International Executive Round Table
  • Matt Allcoat: Journey to Cloud
  • David Habben: Global of CDN
  • David Ting: Using Modern Cloud Technology to Power Big Data-based Fraud Detection
  • Michael Ferris: Enterprise IT, Open Source, and the Alibaba Cloud
  • Rafi Katanasho: Purepath to Cloud

International Forum 2

  • Johnny Ng: AT&T Hybrid Cloud Strategy
  • David Chen: Winning in the 2nd Half of the Internet
  • Rob Hays: Accelerate Business Transformation with the Cloud
  • Eric Hui: Embracing the Digital Edge for Smart IoT Implementations
  • Scott Wu: IoT Device Weaponization-Malware as a Service
  • Jean Pierre Bokobza: Digital Consumer and Transformation in Industries
  • Gordon Lee: How to Enhance Your Cloud Security and Performance
  • Shawn Feng: Industrial Cloud Technology at the age of Experience Economy

International Forum 3

  • Derek Wang: Alibaba Cloud Product Roadmap
  • Eugene Wang: Hitachi consulting companies - your new retail transformation journey with technology and services
  • Simon Tai: Journey to the Cloud: Challenges and Best Practices to Implement a Successful Cloud
  • Graham Brant: Driving digital transformation to the cloud
  • Terence Choi: Bolster Global Digital Economy
  • Alexann Zhang: Make business agile by deploying cloud based connection
  • Mohammed Qasim Zaidi: The cloud journey of Tokopedia
  • Jan Lambrechts: Job force on the cloud: Future of work

Alibaba Open Source Technology Summit

  • Jeff Zhang: Source for Future Dreams -- Alibaba Open Source Evolution
  • Dan Kohn : A Brief History of the Cloud: From Servers to VMs to Buildpacks to Kubernetes and Cloud Native
  • Ulf Michael Widenius: How to become part of the MariaDB developer community
  • Jennie Ohyoung: Harnessing the Power of Open Source
  • Fenf Yu, Salvatore Sanfilippo: Release: ApsaraCache Source Code Officially Release
  • Salvatore Sanfilippo: Why Redis 4.0
  • Bruce Momjian: The driving force behind PostgreSQL
  • Nic Jackson: DevOps Delivered

Container Technology Session

  • Dan Kohn: Migrating Legacy Monoliths to Cloud Native Microservices Architectures on Kubernetes
  • Patrick Chanezon: The Docker Way: Modernize Traditional Applications without Action and Create New Cloud Native Micro-services Applications with Naturalness

The Cloud Computing Conference

  • Xiao Li: Opening Speech
  • Wu Hanqing: Major Release: Intelligence-Yun Dun-New Security
  • Li Xiaoning: Major Release:Alibaba Cloud Encrypted Computing and Applications
  • Jin Xiangyu: Redefining Boundaries: New-Generation Cloud Security Service System
  • Awards Ceremony: Alibaba Cloud Security Algorithm Contest
  • Roundtable Dialog: Reflections and Changes Brought from Security Intelligence
  • Li Han: Practices on the Cloud: The Secrets to DDoS Protection on the Public Cloud Platform
  • Yang Haifeng: Leading-edge Perspective: Data as Assets-Cloud Data Security Control
  • Zheng Jiu: In-Depth Analysis: Thinking and Practice of Cloud Security in the Classified Protection 2.0 Era

Best Practices of Enterprise Database Session

  • Li Xuanyi: Best Practice of Alibaba Database DevOps
  • Zhang Rui: An Insight into the Database Technology of Alibaba
  • Ye Zhengsheng: Product launch for Enterprise Database System
  • Heng Tiegang: Best Practice of Alibaba Database DevOps
  • Wang Xu: Local Database Backup to the Cloud in 5 Minutes
  • Fu Dachao: Geo-Redundancy and Multi-active Data Architecture in Alibaba
  • Qiao Honglin: Exploration and Practice of CloudDBA — Database Intelligent Optimization System
  • Li Qiang: New Upgrade of Distributed Database Service DRDS
  • Wang Tao: Alibaba Automatic Database Control Platform in Cloud Era

High-availability Enterprise Architecture Session

  • Ding Yu: Development of Alibaba 11.11 High-availability Architecture
  • Zhang Jun: Full-link Stress Test, Nuclear Weapon for 11.11 Preparing
  • Zhou Yang: Alibaba's Fault Injection Testing Platform, Resiliency Tool For Building 11.11 High-availability
  • Xie Jibao: The Architectural Evolution of Off-site Activities and Double Activities in Alibaba
  • Cheng Chao: Real-time Monitoring of 11.11 Trillion-yuan Deals
  • Li Zile: Functionality Insurance of 11.11 Hunderd Millions of User Scenarios


  • Docker – Container Technology Trends & Adoption in the Enterprise Market
  • Accenture – Venturing into Digital Economy with Cloud and Intelligent Infrastructure
  • UK Weather Data Analytics and Forecast with Cloud Computing - Interview with Alberto Arribas from Met Office
  • Red Hat – Driving Business Innovation with Open Source
  • Collating Different Data and Getting Insights with Cloud Computing - Interview with Niall Robinson from Met Office
  • GitHub – Open Source Community Development in APAC
  • DataVisor – Empowering Security with Big Data & Machine Learning
  • Fusionex - Getting the Most out of Data through Big Data Analytics
  • Eficode Shares Outlook on the Future of DevOps
  • Tokopedia - Improving E-Commerce Experience in ASEAN with Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Native - The Future of Software Development and Deployment
  • CITO of International Olympics Committee and CTO of Olympic Channel speak on the strategic partnership of Olympics and Alibaba Cloud
  • The Postgres craze never fades
  • The courage and the passion: the story behind MariaDB
  • Why Redis has become so popular?

Conference Highlights

  • Adam Burden, Senior Managing Director, Accenture Technology, Advanced Technology & Architecture
  • Patrick Chanezon, Member of Technical Staff at Docker
  • Gerry Pennell, Chief Information & Technology Officer for the International Olympic Committee
  • Alberto Arribas, Head of Informatics Lab at Met Office
  • Niall Robinson, Deputy Head Informatics Lab at Met Office
  • Jeff Zhang, Chief Technology Officer of Alibaba Group
  • Jack Ma Sings "Unchained Melody" at The Computing Conference 2017 Music Festival
  • Dan Kohn, Executive Director of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation
  • Isaac Jacob, Vice President, Enterprise Practice Group at Fusionex
  • Jari P. Ängeslevä, Executive Vice President, Strategy and Growth at Eficode
  • Sam Hunt, Director - ASEAN & ANZ at GitHub
  • Qasim Zaidi, CTO at Tokopedia

About the Computing Conference

Hosted by Alibaba Group, The Computing Conference is a major worldwide event in the field of cloud computing. The conference covers all the latest trends in frontier technologies, including Cloud Computing, Big Data, and AI.
The Computing Conference is an annual event, which is held in several major cities around China, including Shenzhen, Nanjing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Beijing, and Hangzhou. The event in Hangzhou is the largest one and the focal point of the conference, held in October 2017.