"Flip.id plans to continue expanding our operations on Alibaba Cloud and seek opportunities to use more innovative services and solutions offered by Alibaba Cloud."

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About Fliptech

PT Fliptech Lentera Inspirasi Pertiwi is an Indonesian FinTech company with the aim of helping people send money securely without any transaction fees. Individual users and business users can use Flip to send money to more than 100 banks and top e-wallet apps in Indonesia with zero fees. Flip.id has a vision to ease the burden of the people and ensure a convenient, smooth, and safe process of sending and receiving money, starting with free online interbank transfer services. "We started Flip because the admin fees charged by banks for interbank transfer are relatively high for some segment of the people. That’s the problem that we try to solve with free interbank transfer services. In addition to that, currently, we have seen an increase in the public's need for online money transfers, which were dominated previously by ATMs. The pandemic has also caused many people to reduce their spending. Therefore, the free interbank transfers offered by Flip.id is becoming much more relevant now, as indicated by the increasing number of Flip.id users during the pandemic," said Rafi Putra Arriyan, CEO of Flip.id.


Behind every opportunity, challenge is inevitable. Since Flip.id received the official security and operational license from Bank Indonesia (BI) in 2016, the number of users has grown dramatically from tens of thousands to millions. The rapid growth was happening during the COVID-19 pandemic. How can the company handle the massive amount of daily transactions and large scale of customer data and deliver good service quality to the customers with high availability and security at the same time? Flip.id is looking for long-term solutions that are built for innovation, agility, and flexibility. These are some of the challenges that Flip.id needs to overcome: DevOps and O&M: As the number of users grow rapidly, Flip.id needs a reliable infrastructure platform that can scale seamlessly. Flip.id also seeks to leverage managed services (when applicable) to reduce the burden of operations and maintenance. Compliance: Flip.id is a FinTech company regulated under Bank Indonesia (BI) that needs to comply with data residency requirements. Flip.id seeks to work with a trusted cloud provider that has a local presence in Indonesia.

Why Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud has a strong presence in Indonesia with three availability zones. Alibaba Cloud is the first major cloud provider in Indonesia with a lot of customers with similar profiles as Flip.id. Therefore, Flip.id trusts Alibaba Cloud to run its whole operations, including critical production workloads. Alibaba Cloud has helped numerous local FinTech companies in Indonesia. Thus, Alibaba Cloud has a strong experience to support Flip.id to deploy its workloads and expand its business quickly and smoothly. Alibaba Cloud provides high availability of 99.95% uptime backed with service-level agreements (SLA) and offers elastic scaling capabilities to dynamically provision and deprovision cloud resources based on the workload demands. Alibaba Cloud also provides numerous innovative solutions to help reduce the time and personnel required to manage IT infrastructure. All of these features helped Flip.id choose Alibaba Cloud as its preferred cloud partner.


Flip.id relies on Alibaba Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) to handle the critical and growing production workloads, such as Elastic Compute Service (ECS), Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK), and Server Load Balancer (SLB), to build high-performance computing and load balancing services. Flip.id utilizes various data storage solutions on Alibaba Cloud to manage a large, growing number of users and transactions, such as ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL and PostgreSQL for relational databases, ApsaraDB Redis for caching, OSS for object storage, cold storage, and backup, and File Storage NAS for distributed file systems. All these services help Flip.id provide highly available and reliable services to serve its users and partners.

Looking Forward

Flip.id is delighted to continue expanding its operation on Alibaba Cloud and achieve significant gains in application performance, compliance, and cost optimization. Flip.id plans to explore Alibaba Cloud's innovative solutions and services to manage and extract deeper, invaluable insights from its business.