"Daya Adicipta Motora was more than satisfied with the proposed solution, and the company in the future will continue to work with Alibaba Cloud to enhance the IT infrastructure that powers its services in Indonesia."

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About Daya Adicipta Motora

PT. Daya Adicipta Motora, which is a member of Daya Group, is one of the main distributors of Honda motorcycles, bikes, and bike parts in West Java, Indonesia. The company operates over a large network of Honda dealers, workshops, and spare part shops. In addition to selling premium Honda motorcycles and bikes, the company also handles vehicle warranty claims, repair and maintenance services, and the sale of spare parts and Honda-branded accessories and apparel. Data Adicipta Motora has a mission of lifelong dedication to its customers and hopes to build a network that is involved in community development. As part of this mission, the company has already built a Honda Safety Riding Center in Java, where customers can go to learn about driving safety for both on- and off-road conditions.


As business continues to grow, Daya Adicipta Motora requires a comprehensive cloud service infrastructure to be able to continue to support its business through the West Java region. In particular, the company requires a high-performance solution that features low latency and has a reliable and stable connection. This solution must necessarily be able to dependably connect its more than 500 locations spread across West Java, and it must also be able to reliably power the company’s transaction-based application. In other words, Daya Adicipta Motora requires a robust, full-featured infrastructure-level solution, built up of several different cloud services so to support all of the technical aspects involved in the company’s business critical systems.

Why Alibaba Cloud?

Alibaba Cloud has an extensive portfolio of products and services and can therefore provide a complete and comprehensive solution to meet all of Daya Adicipta Motora’s requirements in hosting, powering, and protecting its application in the cloud. With a strong foothold in Indonesia, Alibaba Cloud has local data centers in Indonesia to provide the high-speed, low-latency connections that Daya Adicipta Motora requires for its users and application.


The proposed solution involves several of Alibaba Cloud’s core products and services. In terms of computing, Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS), coupled with Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK), provides a highly elastic, high availability, and secure solution that can enable Daya Adicipta Motora to deploy its application with confidence. The automatic scaling capabilities of these services allow for dynamic adjustments based on application load. Next the database service ApsaraDB for Redis was proposed. ApsaraDB for Redis features in-memory caching and high-speed access to applications, ensuring that high latency will never be a concern. As for storage, the solution proposed uses Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) and Log Service. Together, both of these services effectively store application data and logs for longer periods of time for analytics, troubleshooting and compliance purposes. Last, Alibaba Cloud Security Center (Enterprise Edition) and Web Application Firewall was used to provide a comprehensive solution to ensure the security of Daya Adicipta Motora’s business-critical application in the cloud.

Looking forward

The comprehensive solution proposed by Alibaba Cloud has created a well-rounded solution the host, power, store, and protect Daya Adicipta Motora’s transaction-based application on the cloud. Daya Adicipta Motora was more than satisfied with the proposed solution, and the company in the future will continue to work with Alibaba Cloud to enhance the IT infrastructure that powers its services in Indonesia.