"In the new stage and new landscape of China's economic and social development, we aim to iterate ourselves with the help of digitalization, capitalize on our distinctiveness and strengths, seek new opportunities, drive business profitability, and create more value for our stakeholders."

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About CapitaLand

CapitaLand is one of Asia's largest diversified real estate groups. Headquartered and listed in Singapore, CapitaLand manages a total of SGD 137.7 billion in assets as of March 31, 2021. CapitaLand's portfolio spans across a wide range of real estate categories, including office buildings, shopping malls, industrial parks, industrial and logistics real estate, commercial complexes, urban development, service apartments, hotels, long-term rental apartments, and residential buildings. With presence in more than 240 cities in over 30 countries, CapitaLand focuses on Singapore and China as its core markets, while it continues to expand in markets such as India, Vietnam, Australia, Europe, and the United States.


Facing significant challenges in the wake of the pandemic, CapitaLand needed to transform and upgrade its commercial real estate business. It hoped to operate in a more fine-grained manner and revitalize its existing assets through digitalization. CapitaLand's original data platform was too outdated in terms of function and performance to effectively support its rapid business development in China. Because of this, many of its departments relied heavily on manual data processing. In addition to being a waste of resources, manual data processing failed to deliver business insights at the earliest opportunity. CapitaLand was unable to effectively manage its data assets and fully realize the value of its data. To efficiently support business development in China, CapitaLand urgently needed to build a unified data platform. This way, CapitaLand can maximize the value of its data, empower business development, facilitate business operations, and drive business growth.

Why Alibaba Cloud

CapitaLand chose Alibaba Cloud for its industry-leading cloud computing capabilities coupled with its market leadership in the Asia Pacific region. Furthermore, Alibaba Cloud's extensive experience in developing data platforms, many of which have been verified in complex business scenarios across various industries, reassured CapitaLand of its decision. Alibaba Cloud provides best-in-class customer service and project implementation services. Aside from the provisioning of cloud services and technologies, Alibaba Cloud also worked with CapitaLand to improve its digital marketing capability in an all-around manner and increase its asset value by using data technologies.


Together, Alibaba Cloud and CapitaLand built an enterprise data platform that involves the following cloud services: Dataphin, Machine Learning Platform for AI, MaxCompute, Realtime Compute, Object Storage Service (OSS), and DataHub. The data platform provides the following capabilities: -Helps business departments reduce the costs in managing data, improve data analysis efficiency, and enhance data-based decision-making capability. -Builds a unified data asset platform, which improves the capability for data-based business operations. -Provides value-added data services for tenants and helps tenants improve sales performance. This contributes to increased sales per unit area and rental income for CapitaLand. -Uses data to manage customers in a fine-grained manner, which expands both the customer base and consumption.

Looking Forward

The development of the data platform is a long-term project for CapitaLand China and requires continuous optimization. An increasing number of business system data and external data must be integrated into the data platform to accumulate more data assets and establish a standardized data management system. Other business scenarios such as offices, smart business parks, and real estate sales, also need to be supported. Diverse data services are also required based on business scenarios. In addition, data must be displayed on dashboards or mobile clients. CapitaLand will continue to partner Alibaba Cloud, which supports CapitaLand's goal to develop leading digital marketing capability in the field of commercial real estate and enhance customer experience. The partnership is expected to drive CapitaLand's commercial growth and enable Alibaba Cloud to become a digital expert in the field of commercial real estate.