Image Search: Shopping Made Easy

With Image Search keywords are a thing of the past

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Keyword Searches

In the past you would need to know the exact keywords for any product you wanted to purchase wanted to buy this bag?

gray shoulders backpack

You searched keywords

Your search results are similar but you did not find the bag you want to buy

Image Search Provides a New Way of Shopping

Searching by image rather than keywords makes shopping easier than ever

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How Image Search Works

Discover how image search powers a new shopping experience

User uploads a photo to search

Category Prediction

Category Inference

Focuses on the right category

Subject Detection

Object Location

Reduces an interference

Feature Extraction

Bag Features

Deep Learning formulates results

Online process

Deep Features
Local Features

Uploaded image stores

Create Image Library

Gather search base

Subject Detection

Focus on the commodity

Feature Extraction

Describe the commodity

Offline process


Search Engine

Show the most similar results

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What Makes Image Search So Powerful

Image Search has been supporting Alibaba's ecommerce platforms TaoBao and Tmall for years and is tried and tested.

Returns Results In Milliseconds

By using industry-leading deep learning algorithms, Image Search achieves millisecond responses.

Store Billions of Images Effortlessly

Indexing technology developed inhouse which can support image searches to the level of tens of billions.

Tried and Trusted

Image search supports one of the largest E-commerce platforms "Taobao" in the world and is already in use by millions upon millions of users.

Customizable Technology

By making use of visual AI technology from Alibaba Cloud, we can build the image search service for your own business scenarios (e.g. car, textile fabric or trademark).

Pricing Model

What Kind of Categories Can be Applied

Image Search supports more than ten shopping categories from shoes to snacks









Digital Devices


Bottle Drinks


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