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Billing for Image Search

Last Updated: May 18, 2020

Billing overview

You can purchase a Subscription-billed resource package for Image Search. Your billing fee for this subscription is calculated based on the potential maximum quantity of images and the QPS quota of calls you require on a monthly basis.

  • The maximum quantity of images The maximum number of pictures uploaded by the user.

  • The QPS quota of calls refers to the number of queries to the Image Search API conducted each second. This number is calculated on a second basis. Your QPS quota determines how many business operations you are capable to handle at one time. For example, if you purchase subscription package with a QPS quota of 5, you can add new images up to five times or query images up to five times within a second. (With this package, the QPS quota for deleting images is 20, rather than 5.)

Important The system may send you notifications that you have overdue payments. When this occurs, please clear all overdue payments to avoid instances being released. Please note that your instances may be released at a system-selected time after the payment due date. If you still have problems, submit a ticket.

Billing price list

The following table details specific figures based on the billing method you choose for your Subscription-billed resource package. The maximum numbers of the image quantities and QPS quota of calls given are the maximum number allowed for each package. For reference purposes, prices are given in USD.

Subscription Billing method maximum image quantity (month) QPS quota of calls (second) Price (USD)
Subscription Prepaid (1 month); Free of charge for the first month 100,000 1 $300.00
Subscription Prepaid (1 month) 2,500,000 5 $800.00
10 $1,500.00
Subscription Prepaid (1 month) 5,000,000 5 $1,600.00
10 $2,900.00
Subscription Prepaid (1 month) 10,000,000 5 $2,900.00
10 $5,500.00
Subscription Prepaid (1 month) 20,000,000 5 $5,500.00
10 $10,300.00
Subscription Prepaid (1 month) 30,000,000 5 $7,900.00
10 $14,700.00
Subscription Prepaid (1 month) 40,000,000 5 $10,000.00
10 $18,600.00
Subscription Prepaid (1 month) 50,000,000 5 $11,800.00
10 $22,100.00


  1. The preceding prices are calculated based on potential capacity scenarios for uploading maximum images and for the QPS quota of calls to be sent. Note that you cannot purchase resource packages separately, and resource packages can only be purchased once a month.

  2. The number of API calls is unlimited in a Subscription-billed resource packages.

  3. You can use a resource package Free Trial for one month. However, note that a Free Trials are limited to one use per customer and cannot be renewed.

  4. If you want to purchase a resource package that is larger than the largest package given here, contact Alibaba Cloud customer service or email us at for a custom quote.

Upgrading and downgrading

You can upgrade or downgrade your current resource package at any time. After you upgrade or downgrade a resource package, the effective period for your Subscription-billed resource package remains the same. Your previous Subscription becomes invalid at the same time that the upgrade takes effect. Subscription payments for an upgraded or downgraded resource package are calculated based on the difference between the billing balance for the new and old resource packages.


You can renew your purchased resource package at any time. When renewing a resource package, specify the service duration and specifications. The system displays the price for your specified Subscription-billed resource package. Then, after you click Renew, the effective period for your Subscription will change accordingly.

Overdue payments

In the case that the quota of your purchased resource package has been exhausted but you do not renew or extend the package, your instances are retained for an additional 15 days and then released.