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Basic Support

$ 1000 USD

  • Are You?
  • A Local Singaporean SME
  • In the Healthcare, Finance, Education, Transport, Technology, Retail and IoT Sectors
  • With an annual turnover of less than SGD 10mil or less than 200 employees
  • All Applications are subjected to Alibaba Cloud's approval

Advanced Support

$ 5000 USD

  • Are You?
  • A Singaporean Local SME
  • With an annual turnover less than SGD 10mil or Less than 200 employees
  • Do you spend 10000USD on cloud annually?
  • Application is subjected to Alibaba Cloud's approval

Digital Transformation For SMEs

In recent years, the underlying technology supporting and powering much of digital transformation has come from cloud computing. The ability to scale up and down, simplify infrastructure management, predict charges and deploy more quickly is key to reducing costs and increasing revenue – vital for businesses of any size, but especially important for SMEs. However, as with any developments in business, there is a process to go through to gain buy-in, secure budget and actually implement changes.

This whitepaper will address how cloud computing can support businesses as they consider how to maximize the opportunities that digital technology provides and introduce them to their company in a way that suits both its current and future needs.

Smart Technology

Alibaba Cloud's cloud-based solutions support the demands of your business, website, or application.

Recommended Products

Elastic Compute Service

Up to 40% Off


Up to 40% Off

Server Load Balancer
Object Storage Service


DevOps allows your business to more efficiently implement projects with less lead time. Companies looking to gain a digital edge will implement a programmatic DevOps approach to accelerate the development and deployment of digital assets and products. Learn more

  • - Convenient Automation
  • - End-to-End Monitoring
  • - Business Agility
  • - Rapid Deployment

Web Application Hosting

Alibaba Cloud web application hosting solutions suitable for businesses of all sizes. We help you reduce development, maintenance, and IT costs while guaranteeing the security and stability of your site.Learn more

  • - Hassle-free deployment
  • - On-demand server provisioning
  • - No single-point-of-failure (SPOF)
  • - Multi-layered security protection

Smart Finance

Alibaba Cloud equips financial services providers with professional solutions with high scalability and high availability features.

Recommended Products

Elastic Compute Service

Free trial


Up to 40% Off

Server Load Balancer
Image Search


The Alibaba Cloud Container Service blockchain solution is a flexible and straightforward generic solution used to develop and test the blockchain applications and solutions based on Hyperledger Fabric. Edit parameters and build a customer Blockchain application for your business with Alibaba Cloud's container service blockchain solution.Learn more

  • - High Security
  • - High Stability
  • - Ease-of-use
  • - Openness and Sharing

Big Data Analytics

For successful financial institutions, Big Data is the new oil, and knowing how to harness that data successfully can be the difference between surviving quarter to quarter and having record-breaking margins. Alibaba Cloud helps uncover the value of your data, driving growth for your business.Learn more

  • - Ease of Deployment
  • - Big Data Analytics Tooling
  • - High Stability
  • - Business continuity

Smart Retail

Alibaba Cloud enables digital retail transformation to fuel growth and realize an omnichannel customer experience throughout the consumer journey.

Recommended Products

Elastic Compute Service

Free Trial


Up to 40% Off

Elastic Search
Image Search


Originated from the technologies of Taobao and Tmall, Alibaba Cloud possesses great know-hows on the retail industry and online users and plays critical roles during every year's Double 11 Shopping Festival.Learn more

  • - Big Data Analytics Tooling
  • - Ease of Deployment
  • - High Security
  • - High Stability

Customer AI Solutions

Alibaba Cloud AI technologies are continually evolving to meet demands from Alibaba’s e-commerce and retail businesses, and these innovations drive improvements in our products, allowing you to take advantage of Alibaba Cloud’s expertise to meet your business needs.Learn more

  • - Large Volume Support
  • - High Accuracy
  • - Fast Deployment
  • - Fast Response

Smart IoT

A cloud solution for smart technology providers to quickly build stable, cost-efficient, and reliable ubiquitous platforms

Recommended Products

Elastic Compute Service

Free Trial


Up to 40% Off

Server Load Balancer
Object Storage Service

Automotive Logistics Solution

Alibaba Cloud offers robust automobile monitoring and management solutions for vehicle manufacturers and goods owners to make vehicular monitoring easier, more efficient and accurate. Get real value for your business using various algorithms, analytical models and multi-type data convergence embedded in automotive network solutions.Learn More

  • - Local backup for remote DR
  • - High Security
  • - Ease of Deployment

Smart Hardware Solution

Alibaba Cloud offers intelligent IoT cloud solutions which integrate with your smart hardware devices and provide real-time data to establish an instant exchange of information between the hardware and web application. This provides essential data about users, which can be processed in real-time for insightful business decisions.Learn More

  • - Handle huge sets of transactional data
  • - High-quality concurrent data structures
  • - High Accuracy

Other Solutions

  • • Cost Effective
  • • Promote Conversion
  • • Intensify Customer Connection
  • • Robust Security
  • • Business Continuity
  • • Low Latency
  • • Stable and reliable connection
  • • Ensure the security and privacy
  • • Remote disaster recovery
  • • Registered and operating in Singapore
  • • Easy-To-Use
  • • Outstanding Anti-DDoS and WAF support

More solutions

Customers building on Alibaba Cloud


We chose Alibaba Cloud because we believe Alibaba Cloud provides the best combination of cost, reliability, and robustness. Learn More >


Alibaba Cloud enables Cynopsis to grow as they expand into new Asian markets. Learn More >

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Smart Nation Support Plan Terms & Conditions

1. Registered and operating in Singapore.
2. Have minimum 30% local shareholding.
3. Not listed on any stock exchange.
4. Business Group annual turnover of less than SGD 10mil.
5. This support program is NOT eligible for accounts under Alibaba Cloud reseller/partner.
6. Sector in Healthcare, Finance, Education, Transport, Technology (IT Services, SaaS), Retail, IoT.
7. All applications will be reviewed by Alibaba Cloud campaign team; Applicants will be contacted via phone for further validation. Alibaba Cloud will evaluate the project plan. Support credits will vary depending on the project plan, and will be in the form of credits. If you are awarded support credits, an Alibaba Cloud representative will be assigned to you on support related assistance.

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1 on 1 Presale Consultation, 24/7 Technical Support, Faster Response, and More Tickets.

1 on 1 Presale Consultation

Consulting by experienced cloud experts.

24/7 Technical Support

Extended service time from 10 hours 5 days a week to 24/7.

6 Free Tickets per Quarter

The number of free tickets doubled from 3 to 6 per quarter.

Faster Response

Shorten after-sale response time from 36 hours to 18 hours.