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AliGenie Is Now On 200 Million IoT Devices

Alibaba's voice assistant AliGenie is now smarter than ever and can be found in more places - integrated in more than 600 IoT platforms and on 200 million some IoT devices.

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On September 25, 2019 during the Apsara Conference, Alibaba AI Labs announced that the voice assistant AliGenie, the voice behind the smart speaker product series Tmall Genie, has now reached new market heights. The voice assistant AliGenie has now is now integrated with more than 660 IoT platforms, can be found on 200 million some devices, which cover more than 60 different product categories, 900 brands, and 3,600 device models. Without a doubt, Alibaba's AliGenie has secured a prominent position and becoming one of the largest open platform in the IoT space.


AliGenie is the voice assistant, or to get a bit more technical the human-machine interaction system, behind Tmall Genie. It's the Chinese equivalent of Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri, and Microsoft Cortana. Now AliGenie been upgraded to version 4.0, which supports full-duplex and natural conversations without the need to repeat the wake word. You can also ask follow-up questions when Tmall Genie is responding to your previous questions. The latest version of AliGenie now provides more development tools, which will be of immense value for developers, according to Lijuan Chen, General Manager of Alibaba AI Labs.


Guest speakers from Alibaba Cloud partners BMW and PEP (People's Education Press) also announced plans to cooperate with Tmall Genie and AliGenie.

Shaodong Zheng, Vice President of BMW China, released a statement that new models equipped with Tmall Genie are scheduled to go live and will be available to the mass-market this year (October 2019).

Lei Zhang, Marketing Director of PEP Digital Publishing Corporation, launched an intelligent education platform in collaboration with Tmall Genie. The idea is to enhance the education industry with artificial intelligence.


At the conference, guests applauded the launch of Tmall Genie CCL and Tmall Genie IN, two new iterations built on AliGenie 4.0. Ru Yi, General Manager of Hardware and Terminals at Alibaba AI Labs, also gave a small teaser about the recent partnership of Tmall Genie and T-head to develop an intelligent voice chip, which will soon be available and used in an exciting new range of products. This will be the first time that a home-grown AI chip developed by T-head is used in domestic appliances.

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241969703848391941 October 29, 2020 at 10:05 am

How can we use Aligenie service out side of China?

Alibaba Clouder November 3, 2020 at 7:19 am

Hi~ there. You could buy Tmall Genie if it's available, but maybe with some limited features outside of China, and it only recognizes Chinese.