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What Is a Domain and How to Register

What is domain?Domains is a domain name management platform that provides domain name registration,transaction, monitoring, and protection services.

What is domain?

What is domain?Domains is a domain name management platform that provides domain name registration, transaction, monitoring, and protection services.A domain is controlled by one or more domain controllers. When other computers join the domain, they must accept the control of the domain controller. There are two important tables in the domain controller, one is a list of computers that have joined the domain, and the other is used to store something called Active Directory. Active Directory is your account to log into the company network.

How to register a domain?

1.Find a domain name registrar.
2.Search for your domain name.
3.Finalize your domain name choice.
4.Choose a domain name suffix, such as .com .net or . edu.
5.Purchase the domain name.
6.Add Domain ID protection.

What Does Website Mean?

A website is a collection of publicly accessible, interlinked Web pages that share a single domain name. Websites can be created and maintained by an individual, group, business or organization to serve a variety of purposes.We can also say that a website can also be thought of as a digital environment capable of delivering information and solutions and promoting interaction between people, places, and things to support the goals of the organization it was created for.

What Is the Difference Between a Domain and a Website?

Domains are a human friendly version of a website‘s IP address.Domains are purchased and often used for a website,an email account or forwarding.That being said,you can also purchase a domain and do absolutely nothing with it.No website,no email,nothing.However,you cant's create an email address or a website first purchasing the domain name.And what's important to understand is that by purchasing adomain name,it doesn't automatically create a website.Suppose you decided to start your own business,you even have a great name and maybe spent money to copyright it.Naming your venture,even copyrighting it,doesent't mean you have an actual business.It's just one step towards building it.In the same way,if you purchase a domain name and want to use it for a website,and then connect it to the domain name.In some cases,you'll also need to finda hosting company for the website.Hosting companies house,serve and maintain the files for websites,making them visible on the web.Think of a web hosting company like a shopping center with serveral invidual stores.If you want you are own store,lease up some space and set up shop.Just like a shopping center,hosting companies enable you to lease space on their web servers,so you can store your website files and make it available on the internet.Regardless of where you purchase your domain name,you can use it for your website with any hosting company.

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