Community Blog Unveil Alibaba Cloud Apsara Stack: Empowering Cloud Excellence

Unveil Alibaba Cloud Apsara Stack: Empowering Cloud Excellence

This article introduces Alibaba Cloud Apsara Stack and its advantages and use cases.

In the dynamic landscape of cloud computing, Alibaba Cloud Apsara Stack stands out as a beacon of innovation, offering a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet diverse business needs. This secure, stable, open, and intelligent full-stack cloud solution caters to public service sectors, enterprises, and carriers, delivering a consistent cloud service experience coupled with powerful computing technologies.

Apsara Stack Advantages

World-Leading Architecture

Apsara Stack boasts the same architecture as Alibaba Cloud, securing its position as a market leader. With the No.1 market share in China and APAC and a remarkable No.3 globally, Apsara Stack has been recognized as a top hybrid cloud provider by industry authorities such as Gartner, IDC, and Forrester. The alignment with Alibaba Cloud's user experience enhances customer satisfaction.

Scalability and Stability

Efficiency meets scalability with Apsara Stack. It optimizes server usage, saving capital expenditures by requiring fewer servers. The platform supports up to an impressive 10,000+ servers in a single region, ensuring a smooth scaling process, both in and out, and up and down.


Apsara Stack promotes openness by providing standard-compatible development APIs, facilitating seamless integration with other systems. Compatibility with hardware from mainstream brands further enhances its flexibility.

Security & Stability

Built on Alibaba Cloud's stability gene, Apsara Stack incorporates world-leading security capabilities across server, application, data, and network layers. The platform offers a suite of security solutions and a financial-grade disaster recovery solution, ensuring a robust defense against potential threats.


Apsara Stack leverages mature AI algorithms for intelligent resource scheduling and remote O&M (Operations & Maintenance). This not only reduces operational expenditures but also enhances efficiency. The platform enables automatic deployment and integrates monitoring, management, and control capabilities for automated O&M.

Industry Use Scenarios

1. Local Public Cloud

Apsara Stack plays a pivotal role in transforming IDC operators and Telcos, turning IT departments from cost centers to profit centers. By monetizing IT capacities on the cloud, organizations can offer profitable cloud services within and outside their structures.

2. Country Digital Transformation

For government digital transformation initiatives, Alibaba Cloud provides complete and customizable software solutions through Apsara Stack. The data and service middle platform, empowered by Apsara Stack, breaks down barriers between different departments, improving data utilization efficiency and accelerating service innovation. Apsara Stack's world-leading security and compliance capabilities assist customers in complying with local regulations.


Alibaba Cloud Apsara Stack emerges as a game-changer in the cloud computing arena. Its robust architecture, scalability, openness, security, and intelligent features position it as a versatile solution for diverse industry use cases. As organizations navigate the digital transformation journey, Apsara Stack stands ready to empower them with cutting-edge cloud capabilities.

Disclaimer: The views expressed herein are for reference only and don't necessarily represent the official views of Alibaba Cloud.

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