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The Best DDoS Protection Tool: Anti-DDoS of Alibaba Cloud

Anti-DDoS of Alibaba Cloud is one of the best DDoS protection tools and is a value-added service to protect the online business hosted in Mainland China from malicious DDoS attacks.

Anti-DDoS of Alibaba Cloud is eligible for one of the best DDoS protection tools among the various DDoS service providers. This article will show you how and why.

What is a DDoS attack?

A distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack uses multiple computers to launch coordinated attacks against one or more targets through malicious programs. The attack undermines the performance or consumes network bandwidth and makes the target servers unresponsive.

Typically, an attacker installs a DDoS master program on a single computer using an unauthorized account and then installs agent programs on multiple computers. During a specified period, the DDoS master program communicates with a large number of agent programs. When the agents receive the command, they initiate attacks. The master program can initiate hundreds or even thousands of agent programs within seconds.

Why DDoS attacks?

  • DDoS attacks can cause significant economic loss

Once DDoS attacks occur, your origin server may be unable to provide services and users cannot access your services, resulting in huge economic loss and reputation damage.

For example, when an e-commerce platform suffers from DDoS attacks, websites cannot be accessed or may be temporarily closed. Therefore, legitimate users cannot purchase products.

  • DDoS attacks can cause a data leak

Attackers may get access to the core data of your business.

  • DDoS attacks may be from unfair competition

Competitors may launch DDoS attacks against your service to gain a competitive advantage.

For example, if a game is under DDoS attacks, the number of players reduces, and the game may go offline for a few days.

How to identify a DDoS attack?

  1. Your server is suddenly disconnected, the access speed becomes slow, and users are offline but the network and devices are working properly.
  2. The CPU or memory usage of your server increases significantly.
    The outbound or inbound traffic increases significantly.
  3. Your business website or application suddenly receives a large number of unsolicited requests.
  4. The logon to your server fails or becomes too slow.

The Best DDoS Protection Methods for DDoS attack

You can mitigate attacks by using the following best methods:

  1. Reduce your attack surface and isolate resources and irrelevant services.
  2. Optimize the service architecture and leverage the public cloud to implement auto-scaling and failover for your system.
  3. Enhance server security and improve server performance, such as connections.
  4. Monitor your services and prepare an emergency response plan.
  5. Select an optimal commercial security solution. Alibaba Cloud provides both free Anti-DDoS Basic and paid security solutions.

The Best DDoS Protection Tool for DDoS attack

Alibaba Cloud provides the best anti-DDoS solutions. The client can select an appropriate solution based on their business needs.

The anti-DDoS solutions include Anti-DDoS Origin Basic, Anti-DDoS Origin Enterprise, Anti-DDoS Pro, Anti-DDoS Premium, and GameShield. Anti-DDoS Origin Basic is provided free of charge.

  • Anti-DDoS Origin Basic:

Anti-DDoS Origin Basic can defend against up to 5 Gbit/s of DDoS attacks free of charge for public IP addresses of Alibaba Cloud services, such as ECS, SLB, WAF, and EIP.

  • Anti-DDoS Origin Enterprise:

Anti-DDoS Origin Enterprise improves the protection capability for Alibaba Cloud services, such as ECS, SLB, WAF, and EIP.
You can apply the protection capability of Anti-DDoS Origin Enterprise to Alibaba Cloud services with a simple configuration.

  • Anti-DDoS Pro and Anti-DDoS Premium:

Anti-DDoS Pro and Anti-DDoS Premium protect servers on the Internet against volumetric DDoS attacks. These servers may be deployed on Alibaba Cloud or provided by a third party.
After the configuration, you can forward your business traffic to Anti-DDoS Pro or Anti-DDoS Premium for scrubbing. Only normal traffic is forwarded to the origin server. This ensures the stability and reliability of the origin server.

  • GameShield:

GameShield protects against DDoS and HTTP flood attacks in the gaming industry.
The same as Anti-DDoS Pro or Anti-DDoS Premium, GameShield can defend against Tbit/s of DDoS attacks. It can also defend against TCP-based HTTP flood attacks that are specific to the gaming industry.

More information at:
Best practices for mitigating DDoS attacks

Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS Core Features

  • Global DDoS Protection Network for Volumetric Attack Mitigation

As the DDoS protection system for Alibaba Group, Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS products have been deployed to scrubbing centers across the globe, serving as a secure network with over 10 Tbit/s total mitigation capacity. Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS mitigates around 2,500 DDoS attacks on a daily basis and succeeded in protecting against a DDoS attack of 1 Tbit/s.

  • Intelligent Protection against sophisticated attacks

As an AI-Enabled DDoS protection system developed based on big data and machine learning, Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS can automatically mitigate sophisticated DDoS attacks and quickly adjust protection policies based on the specific circumstances of an attack. This can help you effectively lower operations and maintenance costs and ensure the stability of your businesses.

From what had been discussed above, we may safely draw the conclusion that the Anti-DDoS service of Alibaba Cloud is the best DDoS protection tool, as it is reliable, simple to use, more secure, and real-time.

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