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Selecting a Cloud Based AI Solution

Discover how you can stay ahead of the competition by leveraging public cloud services to support your business in digital transformation.

By DSA Editorial and Alibaba Cloud

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As organizations digitalize, cloud computing has become a critical component in transforming IT to meet the demands of this new approach to business. Whilst almost all organizations today have already invested in cloud-based computing, the initial use cases have majored around infrastructure, storage, back up and of course SaaS. The real journey with cloud is only just beginning as a multitude of modern-day customizable applications are becoming increasingly available and viable on public clouds.

One of the most exciting business technologies driving transformation is Artificial Intelligence (AI). The technology that has a long history is now becoming mainstream and shaping the way digitally driven organizations run. The growth of AI-based solutions means that the ability to automate more systems that interact with humans is growing. AI is seemingly being integrated into almost every piece of technology and companies that are not exploring how to leverage AI are in danger of being left behind.

Cloud service providers themselves are using AI to improve the management and performance of their clouds. AI is making clouds more automated, more efficient and more robust. As AI-driven clouds develop, IT managers spend less time configuring and tuning clouds and more time focusing on the applications they run. However, the real future of AI in the cloud is the ability for companies to use AI offerings to power and build their own business applications.

Many businesses are embracing developments in AI and cloud computing to revolutionize their business practices and operational efficiency. This is because AI allows the cloud to have unprecedented access to data. An AI cloud is able to learn from the data it has and make decisions as well as troubleshoot problems that may occur. This allows an organization to be able to set the industry standards with their data insights and scalability.

An AI cloud also allows for faster and smarter decision-making. Data analysis and insights can be accelerated and be made more accurate with AI. Organizations can then generate customized solutions for customers based on these insights, befitting both organization and customers. Looking into cost, an AI cloud allows organizations to get only what they need, when they need it. Instead of spending on having AI on-premises, organizations can save on the need of having physical data centers as well. This, in turn, reduces expenditure and results in considerable cost savings.

Take for example Alibaba Cloud's ET Brain. The ET Brain is an ultra-intelligent AI platform for solving complex business and social problems. Powered by the latest technology, ET Brain is enabling global breakthroughs in both AI and machine learning. This cloud-based system offers users multi-dimensional perception, global insight, real time decision-making and continuous evolution under complex situations allowing optimal decisions to be made rapidly. This combination of AI and machine learning in the cloud is shaping to be Alibaba's force to reckon with for all industries.

Another example would be chatbots. Cloud-based AI chatbots now provide a more seamless experience to users without them realizing they are communicating with a bot. Looking at the customer service industry, up to 80% of routine customer queries are now handled by chatbots.

Alibaba's Intelligent Robot is an NLP-based dialog platform that enables smart dialog through a range of dialog-enabling clients. Supporting the automatic initialization of multiple knowledge bases, the Intelligent Robot uses APIs and SDKs to build a smart customer service platform. Tailored for multiple domains, it can provide template-based initialization of multiple knowledge bases. In other words, it's a smart chatbot that is able to learn from data in the cloud, adapt, automate and even suggest decisions based on queries.

Moving back to the ET Brain, the application scenarios for Alibaba's ET Brain are catered to meet specific business requirements. For example, if you're looking for a cloud-based AI solution for your customer service needs, the ET Brain offers intelligent voice recognition. The AI in this is able to have speech recognition, speech synthesis, be a smart customer service AI assistant as well as do voice auditing. Apart from voice recognition, the ET Brain can also do facial, image and text recognition as well as natural language processing.

Analysts believe that AI development in the cloud will only become more automated. Cloud-based AI solutions are the way forward in driving your business into the future. Alibaba Cloud is a proven vendor in the cloud industry. Their growth in the cloud market, improvements in technology as well as innovation they have brought to the cloud space, especially with the ET Brain, clearly showcase their credibility as more organizations are choosing to use Alibaba Cloud as their preferred public cloud service provider.

Getting started on Alibaba Cloud is easy and straightforward as well. So, if you're considering a cloud-based AI solution for your business, you may want to have a closer look at what Alibaba Cloud's suite of AI products can do for you.

As cloud becomes ever more so important, it also needs to have a robust security capability. Download this spotlight on Alibaba Cloud's security capability to find out.

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