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Seamless Business Growth with Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Cloud

This blog transfer users a complete knowledge about Alibaba hybrid cloud uses, business growth and experience of customers with the help of hybrid cloud.

By Rupal Shirpurkar, Alibaba Cloud MVP and Business Head (Cloud BU - APAC) Click2Cloud Inc.

The adoption of a fully-public or fully-private cloud for infrastructure setup and running business often leads to a shortage of portability for applications and data somewhere within the system. To cope with this problem, many cloud providers are opening their system by introducing the concept of hybrid cloud.

If you're familiar with cloud computing, you've probably come across this concept before. A hybrid cloud is essentially built on components from both public and private clouds, providing a flexible yet powerful platform for applications and infrastructure.

In other words, a hybrid cloud is a complete solution for flexibility and portability of data. Alibaba Cloud, being a public cloud provider, also offers a hybrid cloud solution to help its consumers and cloud vendors to seamlessly extend their business growth.

Hybrid Cloud Basics

Fig 1: Hybrid Cloud

Fig 1 above depicts a basic hybrid cloud diagram, showing a combination of private and public cloud with hybrid cloud. Hybrid cloud provides a mix of services from both public and private cloud and of your on-premises data centers. The biggest advantage of hybrid cloud is that it allows workloads and data to move between private and public clouds in a flexible way, giving your business greater flexibility and more options for data deployment and use.

Alibaba Cloud hybrid cloud deployment provides the agility, elasticity, and cost-effectiveness of the public cloud without compromising the robust data security offer by private cloud.

Architecture of Alibaba Hybrid Cloud Network

Fig 2: Architecture of Hybrid Cloud Network

A hybrid cloud combines a private cloud with more than one public cloud. Alibaba Cloud hybrid cloud gives greater control to businesses over private clouds. The above figure shows a typical architecture of a hybrid cloud network.

User facilitates the request through a VPN or data centers; these data centers can also be migrated to hybrid cloud that is a combination of public or private cloud. The architecture of hybrid cloud network deals with data safety, accessibility, privacy, authenticity, and security. It also ensures customers with data, applications, and systems security.

Alibaba Hybrid Cloud lets you move data seamlessly between different environments through data virtualization, application programming interfaces (APIs), virtual private networks (VPNs), and wide area networks (WANs). Alibaba Cloud hybrid cloud, empowered by Alibaba Cloud Apsara Stack, and Alibaba Cloud ZStack is a complete solution for full-stack IT infrastructure for digital transformation.

Enterprise Services of Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Cloud

Alibaba Cloud hybrid cloud provides its customers, users, engineers, and cloud vendors with hybrid cloud enterprise service solutions for Apsara Stack, and Alibaba Cloud ZStack.

It gives industry solutions for intelligent finance, retail transformation, mobile development, and so on. In a business platform, it facilitates digital marketing, e-commerce solution, AI ML services of hybrid cloud.

Data platform for personalized content recommendation, big data applications, etc. And hybrid cloud platform for Apsara stack, ZStack, DCaaS, storage, and backup.

Below figure 3 shows Alibaba Cloud hybrid cloud enterprise services.

Fig 3: Enterprise Service of Alibaba's Hybrid Cloud

Alibaba Cloud Apsara Stack is a full-stack cloud solution provider to its customers with ease of the hybrid cloud. Similarly, one more hybrid cloud solution by Alibaba cloud to its cloud vendor is Alibaba Cloud ZStack. It helps in the management of data centers, on-premises data, and Alibaba cloud resources.

Features of Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Cloud

  • Hybrid cloud is a combination of public and private cloud hence all app types can be safely stored and accessed.
  • Hybrid cloud incorporates data centers and on-premises data storage.
  • It provides a fine blended security option that controls the data stored and accessed with security offerings.
  • With Alibaba Cloud hybrid cloud improved ease of use, improved scalability, cost efficient.

Benefits of Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Cloud

  • Remote Access: Hybrid cloud gives a remote access of data anytime anywhere. Hence it benefits in desktop virtualization for global remote accessing of workflow.
  • Cost Reduction: When it comes to migrating to cloud, one of the biggest key area for any organization comes under cost management. Hybrid cloud a great solution for data migrating with cost effectiveness.
  • Speed: Hybrid cloud ensures to give a good speed to its users to minimize the latency and make it easier for data to get where it is needed.
  • Security: Hybrid cloud is secure when it comes to data privacy and backup. It gives a total security option to access the data anywhere via the internet.


Alibaba Cloud hybrid cloud solutions helps you smoothly evolve and ensures the continuity of business with capabilities, elastic scaling, disaster recovery, data backup, and scalability. It has supported many customers and cloud vendors to seamlessly enhance the business growth. It also helps your business reduce costs by improving operational efficiency and by providing you with greater flexibility.

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